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Change Sort Order of Attribute Dropdowns and Options in Magento 2

Magento 2 configurable product is usual practice when you have products coming with changeable properties. These properties are displayed via dropdowns with specific options, customers can choose between. Oftentimes you might need to update sort order of attribute dropdowns in Magento 2 or even change the way values are displayed under them.

As for example, certain laptops at your store differentiate by color, capacity and style. You have created product, with color dropdown displaying first, style second and capacity third. Although style should display first. Let's see how to change dropdown display from the admin.

Change Magento 2 Attribute Sort Order of Dropdowns and Options Via Admin

Attribute values display in dropdowns as they are configured in attribute settings. Their position can be easily rearranged in your store backend as it is outlined.

  1. Navigate to Stores->Attributes->Product in your store admin.

  2. Reach necessary attribute in the list and open it in the edit mode.

  3. Change the position of your attribute values via drag-and-drop.

  4. Press Save Attribute button above to apply the changes.

If we go to product page now and open the the dropdown with attribute we have just modified, we'll see that values are displayed in different way. Correspondingly, in order to change the position of Magento 2 attribute values in dropdowns at the frontend, you just need to update attribute options in the backend.

What about dropdowns themselves? Magento 2 allows to update the position of dropdowns at configurable product page only via configuration editing. The attributes, used for variations, should be reordered on the second step of configuration wizard. Here are steps to be fulfilled:

  1. Navigate to Products->Catalog in Magento admin.

  2. Find the product, for which you want to update dropdown positions, enable its editing and click Edit Configurations button in Product Details tab to open configuration wizard.

  3. Move to Attribute Values step, consolidating attributes and their values, drag-and-drop attributes to rearrange them as you need.

  4. Continue with configuration update and click Generate Products button on the last step of the wizard.

  5. Press Save button on product page, clear cache in backend and check dropdown order at the frontend.

Update Dropdown Display Without Product Regeneration

If configuration update is too much work for you to be performed just to change dropdown display, you can choose another way. Store Manager for Magento allows you to manage position of Magento 2 attributes easily within one window.

  1. Find desired configurable product in the catalog within Store Manager application.

  2. Navigate to Associated Products tab of the lower grid.

  3. Update positions for configurable attributes in Super Product Attributes Configuration section as the screenshot below shows.

  4. Just change the focus and check whether updates are applied.

The position of Magento 2 configurable product dropdowns can also be changed in bulk through import. If you have multiple products to be updated, consider doing it in the way this article outlines - https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/tipstricks/change-the-order-dropdowns-configurable/

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