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How to Add Magento 2 Special Price

Magento 2 special price is a discounted product price that can be scheduled for a pre-set period of time. It is displayed on both catalog listings and product page. The regular price is shown as well, for the customer to see the difference.

You can add special prices to products separately or in bulk. Also, it is possible to add special prices to all or selected variations of a configurable product.

In this tutorial you can learn the following:

How to Add Magento 2 Special Price to Product?

  1. From Magento admin go to 'Catalog' => 'Products'.
  2. Select necessary product and press 'Edit' button.

  3. Add special price to selected product

  4. Click on 'Advanced pricing' settings.

  5. Open Magento 2 Advanced Pricing settings

  6. Specify special price and its start and end time.

  7. Set Magento 2 Special Price

  8. There are a few special price settings that can be configured:
    • Website - Add website or store to activate special price on.
    • Customer Group - You can enable special price for specific customer group.
    • Quantity - you can set quantity of product to be purchased for the special price to be available.
    • Price - Special price can be either fixed or set as a percent discount.

    Activate Magento 2 special prices for specific customer groups

    To activate these fields, tap 'Add' button.

You can assign different special price to a couple of websites / stores and customer groups at one go by pressing 'Add' button.

When you're finished with the configurations, tap 'Done' in the right upper corner. After that press 'Save'.

How to Assign Special Prices to Multiple Magento Products?
  1. From Magento admin go to 'Catalog' => 'Products'.
  2. Check necessary merchandise and select 'Update Attributes' action.

  3. Apply special prices to multiple Magento 2 products

  4. Specify special price for the products and its start and end time. To make the fields active, make sure to mark the 'Change' box underneath.

  5. Set Magento 2 special prices in bulk

  6. Press 'Save';

How to Add Special Price to Multiple Variations of a Configurable Product?
  1. Go to 'Catalog' => 'Products' and tap 'Filters'.
  2. Enter the name of the configurable product and the product type to Simple. Press 'Aplly Filters'.

  3. Apply special prices to configurable products

  4. You will get the list with all variations associated to selected configurable products.
  5. To add special prices to all variations, check 'Select all' option and choose Update Attributes action.
  6. Set special price and its active period like in the previous case.
  7. Tap 'Save'.

Magento 2 Special Prices Do Not Show Up

In case, the configured special prices do not appear in the catalog listing and product page, make sure to clear the cache. To do that, go to 'System' => 'Cache Management' and press 'Flush Magento cache'.

Magento 2 special prices do not show up

Setting up Magento 2 Special Prices with Store Manager

  1. Select product(s) and choose 'Edit product' option.

  2. Add special prices with Store Manager for Magento

  3. Go to 'Advanced Pricing' tab and set special price and its start and end time. Press OK

  4. Open Advanced pricing tab and fill out the fields

    With Store Manager it is possible to add Magento 2 special price to multiple products using Multi-Editor tool. To do that, highlight necessary items and launch Product Multi Editor from the 'Multi Editors' dropdown.

    Highlight products and launch Product Multi Editor

    Input necessary values into the fields and make sure to check the 'Update' boxes. Press OK.

    Input special price values and check Update box

To Conclude

Magento 2 Special price option is a handy way to promote products by scheduling a discounted price for a specific period of time. Besides this type of Magento 2 Advanced Pricing, you can also consider Group Prices and Tier prices.

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