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How to copy categories in Magento 2

As you might know, Magento 2 allows to apply duplication only to products, but not categories. To help you out, Store Manager provides you with the advantageous possibility to copy Magento 2 categories with / without products or subcategories and preserving their configuration settings.

Why to Copy Magento 2 Categories With Store Manager?

  • The procedure can be accomplished in few clicks and requires no coding
  • You can copy/ paste categories in bulk
  • Choose whether to duplicate categories with / without products
  • Duplicate categories with / without subcategories
  • Drag-n-drop categories to change the parent category

How to Duplicate Magento 2 Categories

The procedure is extremely simple. Here how you can duplicate Magento 2 categories with Store Manager:

  1. In 'Store' tab go to 'Products & Categories' section and find the category tree.

  2. Find Magento 2 category tree

  3. Select necessary store view from the corresponding dropdown and right-click on the category/ies you want to duplicate and select 'Copy selected categories to clipboard' action.

  4. Select store view and copy selected Magento 2 category to clipboard

  5. Select necessary copy options:
    • Copy categories with their products
    • Copy categories with their subcategories

    Copy Magento 2 category options

  6. Right-click on the category you want to paste the copied content to and select 'Paste categories from clipboard' action.

  7. Paste selected Magento 2 categories

    It is possible to select the parent category during duplication:

    • Paste categories into root category
    • Paste categories into selected category

    Paste Magento 2 category options

Now you can modify the duplicated category using the 'Edit category' option from the context menu.

Drag'n'Drop Categories

With Store Manager you can drag'n'drop categories back and forth the category tree. This allows you to change the parent category in one click.

Drag and drop Magento 2 categories

The application allows you to duplicate Magento 2 categories with products and categories per specific website and store view. In addition, you can select parent category and suitable copy / paste options during duplication.

Copy / Paste Magento 2 categories with products / subcategories for free - Try Now

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Zack • 10/28/2019

Nice plugin as it saves a lot of time that we might have spent in duplicating the catalog. I believe its worth it!!!

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