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How to Detect Magento 2 Broken Images

It is a good habit to regularly diagnose images on your Magento 2. Everything may seem to be smooth on your store, though it’s not unlikely that some of your customers might get angry because some product images are not opening at the moment.

To prevent such cases, Store Manager provides Store Diagnostics tool for detecting broken images in Magento 2. After running image diagnostics with this tool, you will get the list of broken product images.

What image troubles can you identify with Store Manager?

  • Missing product images
  • Find products with images that are not visible on the storefront.

  • Images that are not linked to any products
  • Detect pictures that are stored on your FTP, but not linked to any product in the database.

  • Products without images
  • Get the list of products that have any image assigned

  • Duplicate images in product media gallery
  • Find image duplicates and clear them from the database

How to detect broken images with Store Manager?

  1. From Store Manager toolbar launch Store Diagnostics tool

  2. Launch Store Diagnostics tool from the tollbaar

  3. On the left grid you can find the list of available diagnostics types. Make sure that 'Images' options are ticked and press 'Run Diagnostics' button.

  4. Detect Magento 2 broken images with Store Manager

  5. From the 'Diagnostics type' dropdown select necessary one and check the list of products with broken images.

  6. Select Magento diagnostics type

  7. You can try to fix the issue automatically by pressing 'Fix problem with recommended action' button.

  8. Fix Magento 2 broken images

Export the results to Excel

You can export image diagnostics results of every issue type to excel for further analysis. To do that, select necessary image error type from the dropdown and press 'Export to Excel' button.

Export Magento image diagnostics results to Excel

Other Available Diagnostics

Besides image problems, Store Manager allows detecting issues related to product EAV, SEO and data integrity. Such errors include:

  • Products not assigned to any category
  • Products with broken URLs
  • Missing / duplicate meta titles and descriptions
  • Duplicate URLs
  • Products with missing required attributes etc.

You can check more about these diagnostics types in the following useful articles:

How to Run Magento SEO Diagnostics

Check Magento Data Integrity with Store Diagnotics Tool

Try detecting Magento 2 broken images for free - Try Now

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