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How to Export All Categories From Magento 2?

In Magento 2, the list of available entities for export does not include categories. You can only export all products from the store. So, you may wonder how to export all categories from Magento 2? There is a way.

With Store Manager for Magento it is possible to export all categories from the store using a convenient Export Wizard. You can export all category related data and configure multiple export options to adjust the process to your needs.

To learn how to accomplish categories export, check the following tutorial.

How to Export All Categories From Magento 2 Store?

  1. From Store Manager toolbar click on Import/ Export Wizard and select Import/Export Categories option.

  2. It is recommended to execute database backup before running the export. You can start configuring the backup by pressing the Database Backup/Restore button.

  3. Choose the 'Export' action.
  4. Select the CSV to save the exported categories to.

  5. On the next step, you have to choose whether you want to export all categories from Magento 2, or selected categories (in our case, you need to select the first option).

  6. Check what categories to export

    Also, tick the store views from which you want the categories to be exported.

  7. Select the delimiters that will be used to separate data in the CSV.

  8. Select delimiters to separate data fields in the file with all exported categories from Magento 2

    In case you want to export Magento 2 categories with images, check the 'Export Images' box and input the path to local directory containing the media.

  9. Next you have to select what database fields to export to CSV. You can do this using the navigation buttons between the grids or double clicking on the fields.

  10. Select what data fields to export

    Pay attention to the following checkboxes:

    • Export field names in the first row
    • Add attribute code to column name
    • Add store view code to column name

    Check them if necessary.

  11. Preview the export file and select the after export action. You can also save the configuration to use it during the further export procedures.

  12. Preview the CSV before running export

To start the process, press 'Export'.

Now when you are done with category export, you might want to modify CSV and import it back to Magento 2. To learn how to do this, use this tutorial How to Import Categories to Magento 2?

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