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How to Export Products in Magento 2?

In Magento 2, product export is one of those indispensable procedures that you need to learn to perform. You can check this tutorial to become aware of every step of Magento 2 product export.

How to Export Products in Magento 2?

Magento product export may seem quite a short procedure, though you still should be attentive while performing it. So, here we go:

  1. From Magento 2 admin panel go to System => Data Transfer => Export.
  2. From 'Entity type' dropdown select 'Products' option.

  3. Select Magento 2 products entity type from the dropdown

    If some of the exported data may be found as escape sequence, check the 'Fields enclosure' box.

  4. Check the attributes that you want to exclude from the CSV. To export a record with specific attribute values, input the value into the 'Filters' column.

  5. Select what product attributes to exclude

  6. After pressing 'Continue' you will get Magento 2 products data exported to CSV file. You can find it in the 'Downloads' tab of your browser.

Advanced Way to Export Magento 2 Products Data

Store Manager allows to configure Magento 2 export procedure in a much more customizable way. Here is the list of extra possibilities that you can get:

  • Select products to be exported
  • Export product relations like cross-sells, up-sells and related products
  • Export products with images
  • Select store view to export product data from
  • Select delimiters and preview the file before exporting

How to Export Products with Store Manager for Magento?

If you want to export only specific products, got to 'Categories & Products' section and highlight necessary products. To quickly find the merchandize, use the filters. After that get through the following steps:

HIghlight products and launch Export wizard

  • From Import / Export dropdown select Export products wizard.
  • Make sure to select Export action.

  • Select export option in the wizard

  • Select the file to save the exported data to using the browse button.

  • Input directory to file to save exported data to

  • Check what products to export: all goods or only filtered ones. Also, check the store view to export Magento data from.

  • Select what merchandise to export

  • Specify the delimiters that you want to be used for data fields separation.

  • Select delimiters and configure Magento 2 export settings

    To export downloadable product data, tick 'Export files' box.

    To extract images, check the "Export Images" box and specify local directory to file with product pictures.

  • On the next step, check necessary product relations that you want to export. Also, select what database fields you want to export moving them to the right pane using provided buttons.

  • Select which product attributes to export

  • Press 'Export' button and preview the CSV.
  • To have the file exported to your computer, press 'Finish'.

  • Preview Magento 2 exported products CSV

    Now the exported CSV can be modified and shared or imported back to Magento.

    CSV Export Magento 2 goods with images and related products - Try Free

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