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How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

Magento 2 export is a quick way to pull out product information to .csv and set it on schedule would be a great contribution to catalog handling. The obvious asset of scheduling data download is that you can transfer product related info multiple times automatically, after specifying the export settings just once.

Store Manager introduces automated Magento 2 export feature starting from version It is enhanced correspondingly with Automated Product Export (BETA mode) tool that allows to configure cron job and retrieve export feed on predefined time on daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Automated Magento 2 Product Export Advantages

  • Personalize Export
  • You can choose which items to export, make the selection of fields to be pulled out to .csv, use expressions to modify data right in the process of automated magento 2 export

  • Export Multi Component Products
  • You have the ability to configure export profile so that products of different types (including complex grouped, bundle, configurable) can be added to export output

  • Transfer Cross-Sells, Up-Sells and Related Products to CSV File
  • Store Manager export lets you keep related products, cross-sell and up-sell relations

  • Multiple Scheduled Tasks Are Possible
  • You can generate multiple output files creating numerous export configurations and adjusting export settings to your needs

The Procedure of Automated Product Export Setup Requires You to:

  1. Create Magento 2 export profile (or multiple profiles)
  2. Schedule Magento 2 product export creating automated task with just created export profile

1. Create Magento 2 export profile

  1. Click "Create or Modify Export Configuration" button on the toolbar and enter the name of result file.

  2. Run export and select file name
    How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

  3. Specify what products will be exported checking radio button for one of options available: all existing at Magento 2 products, filtered or selected at the moment items in Store Manager.

  4. Select products for export
    How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

  5. Decide on file delimiters used to separate categories within category tree in the export file, delimiter to detach images within Image Gallery column and multiple value delimiter.

  6. Fields Delimiters and Additional Settings
    How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

  7. Choose product related fields you want to save to result file.

  8. Select fields to export
    How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

    If there are complex products (configurable, grouped, bundle) or products that have related, up-sell or cross-sell items and you must preserve the association, consider "Product Relations" on this step. Enable checkbox for products, you want to export relations for.

  9. Input Magento 2 export configuration name and press "Save" settings button.

  10. Finish export and save configuration settings
    How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

2.Create Cron Task with Magento 2 Export Configuration

Once export profile is created, you need to schedule Magento 2 product export to launch profile according to your preferred conditions.

  1. Press "Add Current Export to Scheduler" button on the toolbar in Automated Product Export section.

  2. Insert name for automated Magento 2 export task.

  3. Assign export configuration to this task, selecting it from "Task configuration dropdown in this window.

  4. Enable data get operation before automated export performing if you are using bridge connection to your Magento database. In this way you will download the latest product data.

  5. Set time automated Magento 2 export will be performed at, and recurrence.

  6. In Automated Export tab choose to add current export to scheduler
    How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

Created scheduled task will be displayed in the list of pre-defined automated tasks. It will display after you press "Show scheduled tasks" button available on the ribbon menu. It is possible to manage tasks from using instruments on the toolbar, for example run the task immediately, remove the task, disable, etc.

In scheduled tasks check the options for the automated export task
How to Get Magento 2 Product Feeds Exported on Schedule

Set up automated export in Magento 2 using Store Manager and get product feeds downloaded on schedule.

Set Magento 2 Automated Product Feed Export


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Kathy • 10/02/2017

Hello, Great feature. I've just downloaded the trial version of Store Manager and wonder if I can set separate exports for different categories? I mean I need to have separate files with products from different categories.

Magento Store ManagerMod Kathy • 10/02/2017

Hello, Kathy!
Thank you for the feedback and the question.
In order to get separate files with products from different categories, you have to create different export configurations.
Further, you need to create scheduled tasks with each configuration in Automated Product Export addon. You may check more details how to export product from the specific category here https://www.mag-manager.com/useful-articles/how-to/how-to-export-products-by-category-in-magento/.