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How to import tier prices to Magento 2?

Magento 2 tier price is a kind of marketing approach for pricing items in different way depending on the quantity of items purchased by the buyer. This helpful option has already proven itself as an effective way to sell multiple products at one time. Hence this results in increasing of your profitability rate.

Just consider - more items purchased, more money earned. On this condition you can allow yourself to reduce price a little bit in order to sell more quantities of goods. Moreover, you can have different pricings for different customer groups and for example encourage loyal clients with better discount rate.

If you are already using this option, you might think that you need to add lower pricing to multiple goods of your website depending on number of items bought. It would be convenient if Magento backend allowed you to import tier prices through the admin interface, but unfortunately there is no such functionality out-of-the-box.

Store Manager is a perfect tool to update extensive data associated to products, including tier prices. Magento 2 Tier price import with Magento Manager application allows quick configuration of advanced pricing options during product data import or update.

Tier Prices upload
Magento tier price

Magento 2 Tier Prices Import File Example

How is it possible to import tier price to Magento 2? Basically, it is all about file formatting.

In case you are updating existing items with special tier pricing, your file sould contain SKU and Tier Price columns.

SKU value is used for product identification and should contain the same distinctive set of numbers and letters as you have used to create goods.

Tier Price column need be formatted in the definite way for the prices to be applied properly. Trier price should contain the following elements in the definite order:

  • word ‘admin’,
  • the name of customer group this Magento 2 tier price should be applied to,
  • minimum number of items that should purchase for the indicated price
  • the price (usually less than actual product price) that would be charged for each of the indicated number of items in format xx.xxxx.

Make sure the elements of the field are separated by a delimiter.

Here is the example: admin|General|5|490.0000,

where General i the name of the group of clients it should be applied, 5 - number of goods of the same item to be placed in one and the same order and price - 490.0000 which means $490.

In case you need to create various tier pricing for the same product but for different customer groups, you can do it by adding them in the same column, but separating one tier price from another with double delimited symbol (in our case we use pipe separator). For better understanding check the screenshot:

magento tier price import
Magento tier price

In case you would like to perform tier price import along with upload of all product-related data, beside of the mentioned columns, your file should contain the columns that are responsible for products creation and their displaying on the front-end.

When the file is ready, the process of import involves all the steps of Magento import wizard described here - Magento Product Import.

To get the example of properly-configured file for tier prices import, you can manually add a few of them to products and export it.

Things to Bear in Mind

Remember that the main points for successful Magento 2 tier prices import include the following:

  • selecting a correct separator for fields data (it should be identical to the one used in the file)
  • assigning corresponding .csv fields columns to database fields

Tier price is an essential part of in-depth pricing strategies in eСommerce. By encouraging customers to buy in bulk and you can considerably increase sale volumes of a particular product. Hurry to gain higher advantage over your competitors who are still adding tier prices one-by-one!

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