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How to set multi-lingual category tree in Magento 2

Making your Magento 2 store available in multiple languages is the way to broaden markets and acquire customers from different countries. Localized store better meets clients’ needs and helps increase conversions respectively.

Custom content is being created in Magento 2 via store views. To represent your catalog in English, French and German, for example, you need to create three separate store views and translate Magento 2 categories and products within each of them. To get higher positions on search engines, you are supposed to translate as much content as possible into all the languages you have configured.

Translating Category Data in Admin

It is possible to set individual category details for each store view via Magento 2 admin. To translate category name, description, meta information manually follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Navigate to Products->Categories in the Admin sidebar.

  2. Select the store view, you need to implement updates within, from All Store Views dropdown available on the menu.

  3. Select the store view in which you need to implement updates
    How to Set Multilingual Category Tree in Magento 2

  4. Select the category to be updated and open it in the edit mode.

  5. Input the translation content for necessary fields. If you update URL key uncheck Use Default option and input translation.

  6. Input the translation content for necessary fields
    How to Set Multilingual Category Tree in Magento 2

  7. Apply the changes pressing Save button.

Add Category Translation Via Import

If there are multiple categories with subcategories you would prefer to add translation massively. It is possible to import Magento 2 categories to store view using Store Manager for Magento. Category import profile provides the list of existing store views and you, respectively, can select the one, to upload category information.

Magento import of categories into specific store view runs via category import wizard. Detailed category import tutorial with all the settings described thoroughly is outlined in this post - How to Perform Category Import to Magento 2

Although you should consider settings that influence category import to store view results and make sure they are configured in a suitable manner. First of all you need to specify, what store view categories should be updated at this time. As it has been already mentioned, category data can be imported to one store view a time. Enable checkbox for this store view at Select Store View for Import page of the import wizard.

Select Store View for Import page of the import wizard
How to Set Multilingual Category Tree in Magento 2

Mind Default Values Store View option disposed above on this step. If you update data for specific store view, disable this option, otherwise values will be overwritten for default store view.

Afterwards you are expected to set field associations and specify category identifier. Since your categories already exist and you actually upload translation of related fields, you can use category ID as identifier. Check whether file columns with translated description, name, meta details, etc are assigned to database fields.

Assign file columns to database fields
How to Set Multilingual Category Tree in Magento 2

Preview data to be imported, select import option on the last step and confirm import of Magento 2 categories to store view procedure.

Make your store multi-lingual and accessible to customers from different countries - import data to store views using Store Manager for Magento.

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