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How to upload Magento 2 product videos

Visualized product pages not only help create professional Magento website but greatly improve customer engagement. Nowadays, visualization can be attained not only by means of images but uploading videos to product Media Gallery. Magento 2 product video provides detailed overview, shows product features and actually is an advertising tools that makes product more attractive for visitors.

The possibility to upload Magento 2 product video to Media Gallery has appeared in Store Manager for Magento version The versions older than this do not deliver this option, so you should update the application.

Store Manager for Magento fluently uploads YouTube and Vimeo videos to Media Gallery. In order to add YouTube embedded videos you need to generate API key. Below you will find extennsive instructions on how to get YouTube API key and add video to Media Gallery in Magento 2

Create YouTube API Key and Integrate It to Magento 2

  1. Navigate to Google Developer Console and log into your account.

  2. Press Create Project button on the following page and insert its name.

  3. Create a Youtube API project
    How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

  4. Find YouTube Data API link option in the menu under your Google account.

  5. Youtube Data API
    How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

  6. Enable YouTube Data API v3 option for created project.

  7. Enable Youtube Data API
    How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

  8. Press Create Credentials option, specify credentials and complete key generation.

  9. Generate Youtube API key
    How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

  10. Open Store->Settings->Configuration in the store Admin panel.

  11. Choose Catalog in sidebar, move down the page to Product Video section and insert key in YouTube API Key respectively.

  12. Add Youtube API key in the magento admin
    How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

  13. Apply changes pressing Save Config option above on the page.

    1. Upload Videos to Magento 2 Products FREEDownload Now

      Add Magento 2 Product Video

      Once the key is applied, you can upload YouTube videos to Magento 2 products via Store Manager application.

      Magento 2 product videos are linked to products within the following steps:

      1. Select a product to add video to, open “Images and Videos” tab in the lower grid and press “Add Video” button.

      2. Enter YouTube or Vimeo video URL in corresponding field of edit form.

      3. Add Magento 2 Product video
        How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

        Note: To add a video from YouTube, use its full URL but not a shortened URL that you get by pressing the Share button.

        Full URL (works for Magento):
        Shortened URL (won't work for Magento):

        Magento 2 product video title and description will be configured automatically, though you can change these details.

      4. Set video preview image that will display at the product page. You can use default or upload custom preview image.

      5. Add Preview Image to the Product Video
        How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

      6. Define the role for the video to be uploaded. The following roles can be assigned to Magento 2 product video
        • Base
        • Small
        • Thumbnail
        • Swatch

        Set Roles to the Preview Image
        How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

      7. Complete video upload and check results in Store Manager and at the product page.

      Magento 2 Product Video in Store Manager
      How to Upload Magento 2 Product Videos

      Store Manager makes video management more flexible, you can access Media Gallery items (images and videos) in the lower grid, change their roles, preview both images and videos without opening extra pages.

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