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How to use Store Manager application as Magento PIM solution

If you are working with massive product catalogs that require continuous renewal and enrichment, you can use Magento PIM solution to efficiently manage your product information and synchronize with various eCommerce channels, suppliers and marketplaces for the updates.

The Need of Magento PIM

So how exactly Magento PIM can be helpful for your online business?

PIM is an acronym for Product Information Management system. The main purpose of using PIM is to have a centralized product data repository, where you can classify, enrich and update your product information.

Who Should Use PIM?

Enterprise-level eCommerce retailers with a vast array of products and rapidly changing inventory will benefit from PIM immensely by reducing manual updates and eliminating data inaccuracies.

Additionally, in case product information comes from/goes through various sales channels you should also consider investing into a PIM. Since PIM is a must-have solution that eases online and offline catalogs management.

Choosing Magento PIM Solution

So if you decided to acquire Magento 2 PIM integration for your online store, you’ve come to the right place. Store Manager for Magento application as PIM solution is a great choice. Using it you will be able to get product-related info smartly managed within the application and synched with your Magento store.

Store Manager app enhances default Magento Commerce offerings by providing more flexible way to perform smart products edits, data import/export, bulk product categorization and attribute updates.

Benefits of Using Store Manager as Magento PIM

  • Increased Speed of Product Input and Update

  • By default Magento 2 offers basic capabilities for adding and editing products from back-end, however when it comes quick bulk updates it may be not too intuitive. Store Manager for Magento used as PIM solution can considerably increase the speed of the process, as it includes the ability to filter and edit products directly from the grids, perform mass changes of details for selected goods using Multi-Editor tool and use optimized import/export interfaces for bulk product updates from files of different formats.

  • Wider Management Possibilities for Complex Product Updates

  • Furthermore, it is possible to perform complex data updates from Store Manager for Magento, since there are multiple product attributes in Magento that need to be mapped and custom details added.

    Store Manager for Magento allows to easily manage products of all types, enrich goods with multiple local or remote images, bulk configure attributes and attribute sets.

  • Easy Data Management in Various Locales with Ease

  • With Store Manager for Magento you can also you can manage content in multiple languages for each store view you have. Editing item manually, through Multi-Editor or via import you can choose store view where you want to update content.

  • Offline Catalog Management

  • Store Manager for Magento provides an ability to work offline without internet connection and then sync product data from PIM to your Magento database. This creates less load on your server and makes it possible to work with massive catalogs with thousands of items in a quick manner and without downtimes.

  • Diagnostics of What’s Missing

  • A good PIM system should identify if any data that is missing. Store Manager for Magento includes this functionality, offered via built-in Store Diagnostics tool. Just a quick run of diagnostics of the certain type will reveal very important statistics, like products with missing images or categories, unused pictures, products without recommended SEO details.

On top of that, the tool also identifies specific steps to be taken to have the product 100% ready for sales.


Store Manager application used as Magento PIM allows you consolidate your product data from various channels and maintain it to deliver the optimal content with the least effort. The application ensures automation of manual processes and the highest quality of product data management.

Streamline Product Handling Using Store Manager as Magento PIM

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