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Magento 2 Barcode Generator

Store Manager for Magento offers an easy way to create customizable barcode labels on the basis of product ID, EAN or SKU etc with no additional modules via built-in Magento 2 barcode generator. Generated barcodes can be designed and saved in various formats or printed for multiple products in one click.

You can use this article as a guide through Magento 2 barcode creation via Store Manager. But first, let's clear out what are barcode labels and why do Magento merchants need them.

What Are Magento 2 Barcode Labels?

Barcode labels are used in global trade to designate some important data about products. These are internationally recognized codes including EAN, UPC, GTIN, ISBN, ASIN etc.

Though, you can create barcodes for personal usage within your store too. This can be your products SKU or ID or any other numbers. Barcode numbers need to be unique because in other case you will detect a bunch of duplicates among your products.

How to Generate Magento 2 Barcode Labels Using Store Manager?

  1. Select necessary items and right-click on them. Select 'Reports' >> 'Barcode Labels' to start Magento 2 barcode generator.

  2. Magento 2 Barcodes
    Magento 2 Barcodes

  3. Select Magento storeview.

  4. Magento 2 Barcodes
    Magento 2 Barcodes

  5. Select the fields to be used for creating barcodes: EAN, UPC, SKU or ID and press 'OK'. Be sure that selected field contains only numbers. Note, that 'OK' option will be inactive until you select the base field for barcode generation.

  6. Magento 2 Barcodes
    Magento 2 Barcodes

  7. It is possible to modify barcodes' design by selecting 'Edit Page' option.

  8. Magento 2 Barcodes
    Magento 2 Barcodes

    You can add some text or input an image, for example your logo or brands' name. To do this, select 'Text object' or 'Picture Object' and click on the place you want to put in into.

    Magento 2 Barcodes
    Magento 2 Barcodes

  9. Created barcodes can be saved in PDF, JPEG or other formats or printed for a bulk of items in one stroke.

  10. Magento 2 Barcodes
    Magento 2 Barcodes

    As you see, the process of Magento 2 barcode generation via Store Manager is effortless and customizable. Unlike the Magento 2 admin, you don't need to install any special plugins to create the barcodes. The simplicity and flexibility of performance is what our Magento 2 barcode generator can bring to you.

    Besides, Store Manager for Magento allows to handle your stock levels with the help of Magento Barcode Scanner, that is compatible with multiple Windows scanning devices and configurable for various barcode formats. Use this article Manage Magento Stocktake Using Barcode Scanner as instructions on Magento stock management via barcode scanner.

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