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How to import Magento 2 customers

There is a couple of reasons why you may need to import Magento 2 customers. For example, you are starting a new Magento 2 store or want to update your clients' database etc.

The disallowance of Magento admin to accomplish import using other file formats than .csv may create additional cumbersome work. Store Manager application can help you out of this inconvenience.

The huge advantage of performing Magento 2 customers import via Store Manager is that you can upload the file of various formats including .csv, .xls/.xslx, .ods, .xml and .txt and the program will process it in a flawless way.

How to Import Magento 2 Customers

Store Manager allows effortless performing of Magento 2 customers import requiring a few clicks.

First of all, make sure to include all necessary customer data fields into the import file. Use the following algorithm to upload Magento 2 customers data in a smooth way.

  1. From 'Store' tab launch Import/Export wizard by selecting 'Import customers' option from the drop-down.

  2. launch-import-wizard-by-selecting-import-customers--option
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  3. It is strongly recommended to backup your database before performing such procedures. You can start the backup right from the wizard by pressing Database Backup/Restore button.

  4. backup-store-before-performing-magento-customers-import
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  5. Select import action.
  6. Select the file to be uploaded.

  7. select-magento-2-customers-import-file
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  8. Preview the import file.

  9. preview-magento-2-customers-import-file
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  10. Choose the delimiters to separate the fields data. Check 'Quote fields with' and 'First row in .csv file contains names but not values', if necessary.

  11. select-delimiters-to-separate-import-fields-data
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  12. Select the customer identification method (Customer ID or Customer Email) and assign fields from your .csv file to the ones from your database. To avoid manual mapping, press 'Autolink all'.

  13. assign-csv-coulmns-to-magento-2-database-fields
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  14. Check Date & Time formats. You can leave them as they are, though if you find some errors on the Preview step, get back here and modify the settings.

  15. configure-date-and-time-formats
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  16. Preview configured import file and if you detect no errors, press 'Next'.

  17. preview-configured-magento-2-customers-import-file
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  18. Select the import method. In case you want to make the process quicker, check 'Cache import data' box. You can also save the configuration to use it next times by clicking 'Save settings' button. In order to activate the button, input the configuration name into the field.

  19. select-necessary-import-customers-option
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

How to Import Magento 2 Customers on Admin Part?

  1. From Magento dashboard go to System=> Import.
  2. From the 'Entity Type' drop-down select the type of customers data you want to upload.

  3. select-magento-2-entity-type-to-upload
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  4. You can either add/update data or delete the existing entities and replace them by the uploaded ones. Select the necessary action form the drop-down.

  5. select-csv-file-to-import
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  6. Specify the maximum number of errors allowed in the import file.
  7. Select the file to upload.

  8. select-csv-file-to-import
    How to Import Magento 2 Customers

  9. In order to launch the import, press 'Check data' button in the right upper corner.

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