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How to Automatically Generate Magento 2 Cross-Sell Products Based on Customer Behavior

From time to time all marketers experience hard times with the sales, searching for the ways to survive among the prospering competitors. Cross-selling is an efficient tool for solving this problem. The best way to automatically sync cross-selling products is to generate them based on previous customers' behavior. For example if "customer 1" have ordered product "A" and product "B" together, it is a good idea to show product "B" as cross-sell product for product "A" as most likely "customer 2" will order product "B" with product "A" as well. Keeping in mind whole customers' behavior and the frequency of adding same products in one order, store owner can increase average check and sales in just few clicks.

eMagicOne's Enterprise Edition of Magento 2 Store Manager offers an automated cross-selling generation quickly and with little effort.

Starting from version it is possible to select the products, you would like to assign cross-sells to, and to select the cross-sell products themselves by a great bunch of rules including customer's behavior. Below you can find the steps of generating the cross-sell products automatically in Store Manager.

Here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. Find the 'Store' section on the toolbar of the application and select the 'Related Products Generator' subsection. After that press 'Add' button on the toolbar.

  2. Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator
    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator

  3. Enter the name of configuration to be created and assign it to store view. Don't forget to set the relation type, choosing 'Cross-sell' option in this case.

  4. Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator
    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator

  5. Specify configuration settings in the window that appears afterwards (like on the screenshot below). The list of products, cross-sells should be assigned to, will be generated depending on these settings (product type, status, visibility, price range, etc).

  6. Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator
    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator

  7. Fill in the settings and press 'OK'. In the field on the right you will find the list of matching products. Here you can go to a certain item or clear the created list of products.

  8. Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator
    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator

  9. In the Condition Editor below set the conditions you would like to apply to get the list of possible cross-sells. They include order conditions (status, date and price ranges) and product conditions (category, product type, quantity etc). The successive cross-sell products generation based on customers' behavior depends directly on the order rules, so be sure to set them. The more exact are the conditions, the more fitting cross-sells will be found, so you would better apply all of them.

  10. Important: Order conditions can be applied to cross-sell products generator exclusively in Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento.

    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator
    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator

    The ability to specify the order parameters is quite efficient as it allows to generate the Magento 2 cross-sells according to the customers behavior. Here you can set:

    • Status of the needed orders, e.i. indicating whether they are canceled, completed or being processed etc.
    • Date range, e.i. the period of making orders.
    • Price range, e.i. minimum and maximum prices of ordered items.

    Besides, you are able to create additional condition groups with extra parameters and apply them to cross-sell product search. For this, you have to press 'Add Condition Group' and select from the Condition Editor the needed characteristics, that will automatically be added to your condition group. If you've applied wrong or unnecessary condition, you can remove it.

    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator
    Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator

  11. After specifying all the parameters choose 'Preview Relations' option. When the processing is complete, go to 'Cross-sell for Product' and view the list of found cross-sells. If you are satisfied with the list, press 'Apply to configuration' to assign these cross-sells to the selected products. If you are not, you can clear all the results and set other parameters to apply them again.

Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator
Automatic Cross-Sell Products Generator

This helpful feature is available in Store Manager, while in the backend of your store you must add cross-sell products manually. Moreover, the detailed condition settings applied for cross-sell products considerably increase the quality of generation. Thus, when making an order at your store, a customer will be offered only those products, that are really closely related to the ordered one.

It goes without saying, that this solution will be truly useful for those who own big stores, excluding the necessity to generate the cross-sell products by yourself. Also the more order history you have, the better product relations will be applied.

Leave the nasty cross-selling work for Magento 2 Store Manager (v. EE)

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