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Magento 2 Related Products Generator

Store Manager for Magento delivers an opportunity to create a few types of associated products: related products, up-sell products and cross-sell products. Generation of such relations may help you considerably increase your sales value by means of growing number of orders. In this article you can find out how to get automatic related products for Magento 2 using Store Manager application.

What Are Related Products?

Related products are additional items which might appear useful along with the product being viewed. The aim of offering such products is to make a customer wish to buy them in one order with the main one. They usually have a checkbox beside and show up in the right column on the same page with the product being considered by a shopper.

How Can I Automatically Create Magento 2 Related Products Using Magento Store Manager?

In order to automatically generate Magento 2 related products in Magento Store Manager, follow the next algorithm:

  1. Press 'Related Product Generator' button on the 'Store' section toolbar. In order to add a configuration, press 'Add' and check Configuration Settings. Here you can see parameters to filter items and assign related products.

  2. The parameters include type of relation, product information (type, status, visibility, stock availability, quantity etc.) and rule conditions (assign limit, sort type). Having specified the configuration settings, press 'OK'.

  3. Items matching the search can be found on a separate field. Here you are able to go to a specific product or clear the whole list of found inventory.

  4. Proceed to Condition Editor located below. In this grid you can specify the settings to apply to related products generation. They include:
    • assign limit;
    • category;
    • product type (simple/grouped/configurable etc.);
    • stock availability;
    • quantity;
    • attributes.

  5. Now let's go back to the list of the products you've already found to assign relations to. You can start generation of related items for a specific product after selecting it (simply clicking on it) from this list.

  6. If you look on the right side of Condition Editor, among the toolbar options you can find 'Add Condition Group' button. This means, you are able to add different settings groups and generate Magento 2 related products according to any of them separately. Press Add Condition to add a parameter to the condition group. When you are done with setting the conditions, you can preview the relations found for the product, you've selected.

  7. Go to 'Related for Product ID […]' tab and view the offered relations matching the applied conditions. If the results satisfy you, press 'Apply to Configuration' button and have the related products generated. In case you don't like this list, you can clear it, change the conditions and regenerate the relations.

  8. Generation of associated products have become a trustworthy marketing strategy. Probably, it gains the strongest effect when all three types of relations are applied (up-sell, cross-sell and related products), so a customer has no chance to leave the product page without buying something offered in addition. If you need some assistance in creating other types of relations in Magento Store Manager, check out our articles on this.

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