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How to Import Magento 2 Related Products?

If Magento 2 cross-selling and up-selling belong to your marketing tools, the possibility to import product relations for multiple products will definitely come in use for you.

For the process to flow in an errorless manner, you can try importing Magento 2 product relations with the help of Store Manager for free.

How to Import Magento 2 Related Products?

For a successful import of related products, make sure to include the following information in the CSV file:

  • SKU number of the main product
  • SKU numbers of the related products
  • Also, you can specify the positions of related products

Magento 2 related products CSV sample

Now, go through the following steps:

  1. Launch Export / Import Wizard from Store Manager's toolbar by selecting 'Import / Export Products' option.

  2. Launch Magento 2 Import wizard to start uploading related products

  3. Select the file to import using the browse button.

  4. Select file with Magento 2 product relations

  5. Select the delimiters to separate fields data.

  6. Select delimiters and preview the file with Magento 2 related products

  7. Tick the store views to import related products to.

  8. Tick store views where you want to import the related products

  9. Map CSV columns to database fields in the following way: click on the database field and after that click on the CSV column name. Alternatively you can use the Autolink option.

  10. Assign database fields to Magento 2 CSV columns

  11. Preview the import file and check if the inputted data is correct.

  12. Preview Magento 2 related products CSV

  13. Select convenient import method:
    • Add and Modify (add new products with relations and update the existing products)
    • Add only (add new products without looking for the existing ones)
    • Modify only (just to update the existing products)
    • Just add (if your csv contains only new products with their product relations)

    Check thorugh other options to customize import procedure. Also, make sure that 'Clear relations' options are all unchecked.

    Select suitable related products import option

  14. Press 'Import'.

When you're done with the import, check if related products were correctly added to necessary products. You can figure this out by going to the lower grid and looking up to related products tabs.

Check whether Magento 2 related products were correctly added

Can I Export Related Products From Magento 2?

Besides massive import of Magento 2 related products, Store Manager also allows exporting products preserving their product relations. To accomplish that, you just need to check necessary product relations in the process of export and Store Manager will automatically create corresponding columns in the CSV file.

Export Magento 2 product relations

Automatic Related Products Generator

If creating product relations via import seems inconvenient or complex to you, try Store Manager's Related Products Generator tool. It allows to select necessary type of product relation, category, product type and other conditions that will be applied during the related products generation. Based on the specified details, Related Products Generator creates cross-sells, up-sells and related products automatically in a couple of minutes. You can check a step-by-step tutorial in this useful article - Magento 2 Generator of Related, Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Products

Upload Magento 2 related products in bulk for free - Try Now

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