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Magento 2 reward points (Adobe Commerce, Magento Enterprise)

What Are Magento Reward Points?

Magento 2 Reward Points feature allows encouraging customers loyalty by rewarding them with special points basing on a variety of conditions including shopping cart rules and discounts. You can set up a custom conversion rate between the reward points and the currency and control the points assignment and balance. The number of points gained by a shopper can be applied when buying a product at the checkout step.

Reward Points tool is available in the Adobe Commerce (Magento Enterprise) Edition of Magento only.

How to Manage Magento 2 Reward Points from the Backend?

The process comprises two stages: activating the reward points function and setting up the conditions on which the points must be awarded. All you have to do is to proceed through the settings and enable necessary functions.

To find the settings, go to Stores => Configuration => Customers => Reward Points

Magento 2 Reward Points

Now let's consider the options that can seem confusing.

Enabling reward points

Magento 2 Reward Points

  1. Set 'Enable Reward Points Functionality' to 'Yes' to activate the feature.
  2. By enabling the functionality on the storefront you allow customers to redeem their reward points on their own.
  3. 'Reward Points Balance Redemption Threshold', 'Cap Reward Points Balance At' - these two options allow to set minimum and maximum points balance correspondingly.
  4. 'Landing Page' field determines the CMS page containing the explanation of the reward points acquirement system of your store.

Configuring reward points acquirement by customers

Magento 2 Reward Points

Scroll down to 'Actions for acquiring reward points by customers' and activate necessary options.

  1. By setting 'Purchase' to 'Yes' you enable messaging a customer about the gained reward points after making a purchase.
  2. The 'Registration option' means the number of points awarded when creating a shopper's account.
  3. 'Newsletter Signup' field - input the number of points awarded to a customer during newsletter subscription.
  4. 'Converting Invitation to Customer' field - specify the number of points awarded to a client when he/she sends an invitation to another customer and the recipient opens an account.
  5. 'Invitation to Customer Conversions Quantity Limit' field - set the maximum number of invitations allowed.
  6. 'Invitation Conversion to Order Reward' field - specify the number of points a customer earns when the invitee makes a purchase (each or first).
  7. 'Review Submission' field - input the number of points given to a client when he/she submits a review.

You should also check the Email Notification Settings allowing to configure when and how to notify your customers on their reward points balance updates make expiration warnings.

Magento 2 Reward Points

Setting up Reward points in Store Manager?

  1. From the 'Customers' tab go to 'Reward Exchange Rate' section.

  2. launch-reward-poins-in-store-manager
    Magento 2 Reward Points

  3. In order to add the exchange rate, press the + button.

  4. add-reward-points-exchange-rate
    Magento 2 Reward Points

  5. Select the store view and customer groups the rate to be applied to.
  6. Choose a suitable direction (Points to Currency or Currency to Points) and specify the rate.

It is possible to add and control a customer's reward points balance from the Store Manager application:

  1. Go to 'Customers' section and select a client.

  2. select-customer-to-modify-reward-points
    Magento 2 Reward Points

  3. Scroll down to the customer settings and open 'Reward Points' tab.
  4. Tap the 'Update balance' button and modify the points number. You can also leave a comment explaining the modification.

Magento 2 Reward Points

The main benefit of Magento 2 Reward Points feature is that it engages a shopper to make a new purchase using the gained discount. Also, earning the reward points can be considered by your clients as a kind of a game. This can help you in involving them in buying more products from your store.

As you see, Store Manager for Magento allows quick and flexible management of customers reward points using the compact and clear settings.

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