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Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento

Enterprise edition of Store Manager for Magento is designed to address the needs of online merchants to streamline Magento handling operations with top-notch functionalities and advanced inventory management.

In case you have decided to invest into the most enhanced version of Store Manager or you have already benefitted from the functionality of application through the Standard or Professional Edition and now are wondering whether it is necessary to upgrade to the Enterprise Edition, you are in the right place.

The software ensures fine-grained workflow management that allows you to benefit from ability to automate, streamline, and integrate your business through the most powerful collection of features. Enterprise version includes extra options not found in the Standard Edition or Professional Edition.

The main idea is to give more control over both Magento Enterprise and Community based stores.

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Features Available Only in Enterprise Edition

Since Store Manager is all-in-one solution containing a range of capabilities, sometimes it might be hard to define the ones that belong specifically to Enterprise edition. So we have compiled a little cheat sheet with a list of features available only in this edition of Store Manager.

Simple Products with Custom Options Converted Into Configurable

Both custom options and configurable products serve to create products with variations in Magento. The main difference is that custom options do not allow to track stock of combinations. So if you created simple products with custom options and now want to use configurable goods, you can convert them instead of re-creating items manually.

Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento
Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento

Copy/Paste of Magento 2 Tier Prices in Bulk

Planning Magento pricing strategy becomes more easy with the possibility to copy already created tier prices and paste them to the needed products. A few clicks will replace long-lasting manual work.

copy&paste magento tier price in enterprise edition

Import of Orders with Customers Accounts

This feature is especially useful when you are moving your info from older version of store to newer, migrating to another host/server, transferring data to the different domain, moving from production/development copy of the site to live Magento.

This way, importing orders, customers accounts associated with those purchases are created on-the fly. So basically you can skip separate customers import and it means less work for you.

Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento
Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento

Enhanced Store Diagnostics

With Enterprise edition of Store Manager you can apply 10+ types of Store Diagnostics to detect your SEO problems and fix them. You will be able to check if you have missing or duplicate meta details or or such metadata that does not correspond to Google's requirements, duplicate or broken product URLs, issues with images etc.

Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento
Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento

Beneficial Reports

Advanced reporting available in this edition of Store Manager includes the ones that help you better plan your marketing campaigns, predict customer behavior and analyze the effectivity of your sales offers.

Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento
Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento

Since Enterprise edition of Store Manager for Magento works with stores based on both Community and Enterprise versions of Magento, there are some features dependent on Magento shopping cart version.

Here are the features that are available in the Enterprise version of Magento itself:

Gift Cards

A separate product type that is enabled in admin. The pool of codes is generated and products with this type will have one of this codes assigned.

Gift Registry

If your products are often given as gifts for weddings, showers, or birthdays, you can benefit greatly from allowing your shoppers to set up a gift registry.

Store Credits

Store credits can be used as payment method at your store. You can issue them to your loyal clients or even handle returnings in the form of credits added to client’s balance.

Reward Points

They are a part of your loyalty program, when you allow client to get bonuses from previous purchases and use them for new orders at your store.

This functionality will be available only if you have Magento EE and Store Manager Enterprise edition.

If you are using Magento Community edition, all the other features except of gift cards, gift registry, store credits and reward points will be available for you. So if you receive this message, you should not be worried, it is just a notification message with information.

Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento
Power Your Store with Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento

Special-Use Licensing

Enterprise Edition of Store Manager for Magento costs $1499 - one-time payment for lifetime licenses. The package comes with 4 licenses of the software for 4 computers (1 Primary and 3 additional). Moreover, you get 3 integration addons for 4 workstations to integrate with eBay and Amazon, create printed catalogs with your products in PDF format.

Enterprise edition includes 6 months of free application updates, installation assistance, trouble ticketing, and 4 hours of dedicated support.

Premium Support

Premium software support includes:

  • maintenance of software updates (free during first 6 months)
  • 2 hours of Zoom trainings with demo of app’s features (if meeting was scheduled in advance)
  • 2 hours of dedicated technical support via remote desktop assistance provided by engineer (if meeting was scheduled in advance)
  • phone, chat and email support for questions of different complexity levels.

Extra-Cost Options

In addition, Store Manager for Magento offers many extra-cost features that you can buy additionally. Basically these are integrations with different business systems: accounting software QuickBooks, shipping service USPS, listings from Icecat products catalog.

Why to Choose Enterprise Edition over PRO or Standard?

Advanced features of the Enterprise Edition may save thousands of dollars in licensing fees.

Apart of native EE features and extra Store Manager features that you get in EE pack, the price is based on the number of licenses that are offered. With EE you get 1 Primary + 3 additional licenses and 3 addons for all those 4 machines (that is equal to 12 addons licenses).

If ordering all those licenses for PRO version, the price calculation will be the following:

1 Primary + 3 Additional - $499 + 1 + $199 + $199 = $898

4 PDF catalogue creator Addons - $119 * 4 = $476

4 Amazon Integration Addons - $119 * 4 = $476

4 eBay Integration Addons - $119 * 4 = $476

4 hours of dedicated support - $99 * 4 = $396

In total it would be $2722 if you order all those items separately

Also, addon licenses can be changed, so in case you do not use Amazon but you need QB, we change the license and enable QB feature additionally free of charge.

Comparison of Store Manager Editions

For more information on the distinctions among Store Manager editions, you can reference the following link - www.mag-manager.com/order/

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