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How to remove Magento special prices

Magento special price is a promotional tool that helps to entice customers’ attention and prompts them to make a purchase. It is displayed instead of the regular price, while the regular price is grayed out and stated below:

Magento Special Price Store Front
How Magento Special Price is Displayed at the Store Front

If you specified the start and end date, a promotional price will be added and removed automatically. Otherwise, you’ll have to remove the Magento 2 special prices manually. In some cases, you might need to finish the promotion sooner. This would also require removing the prices manually.

Here’s how you can do this for one and multiple products using the default Magento functionality and the advanced tools in Store Manager for Magento.

Removing Special Prices in the Magento 2 Admin Panel

To add and remove special price for a single product in Magento admin, open the product page, and expand the “Advanced Pricing” section:

Magento Advanced Pricing Delete Special Price
Delete Special Price in the Advanced Pricing

To remove Magento special prices from multiple products, follow these steps:
Open Catalog > Products > Select (All) > Actions > Update Attributes > (Scroll down to) Special price > Select the “Change” check box (don’t input any value) > Click “Save”:

Magento Remove Special Prices Updating Attributes
To Remove Special Prices, Update Attributes

Magento Update Special Price Attribute
Check "Special Price" Option and Save the Changes

Deleting Special Prices via Store Manager for Magento

With Store Manager, you can remove special prices in several ways. The first and fastest one is using the tool "Clear Product Details". To delete special prices, select products holding the Shift button on the keyboard, then open shortcuts menu and run the Cleat Product Details tool. Select the checkbox and click "OK":

Magento Store Manager Delete Special Prices Massively
Delete Magento Special Prices Massively

If you aren’t using Store Manager yet, download the free trial, install the application, and connect it to your store database. Use the Store Manager desktop application to manage your Magento store locally and get a whole bunch of advanced tools: Import/Export Wizards, Multi Editors, Store Diagnostic Tool, and others. Read more...

Note: the option "Remove Special Prices" was added in Store Manager in version
If you can't see it in your installation of Store Manager, update to the latest version.

Another approach to delete special prices from multiple products is to use the “Multi Editor” tool. Select the products in the grid, right-click to open the context menu, and press Multi Editors > Products Multi Editor.

There go to the “Advanced Pricing” tab, check the “Special Price” field, delete the value, and click “OK”:

Deleting Special Prices via Multi Editor
Deleting Special Prices via Multi Editor

How to Remove Magento Special Prices via Import

Suppose, you’ve received new prices from your supplier and want to delete existing special prices during import. To do so, add this column to your import file:

Example of the File to Remove Magento Special Prices
Example of the File to Remove Magento Special Prices

Useful tip: to remove special prices, the import file can have just two columns: SKU and “Special Price”.

Launch the Store Manager for Magento Import/Export Products tool and run the “Import” wizard.

Remove Special Prices via Import
Remove Special Prices via Import

Select the file to upload and follow the steps on the Wizard.

In step 7, you are supposed to assign CSV columns to the database fields. Find the “Special price” field and input the quotation marks in the “Expression” field. Don’t put any value within quotation marks!

Insert the Expression to Remove Special Prices
Insert the Expression to Remove Special Prices

Then finish the import and check the result. As you can see, all special prices were successfully removed.

Special Prices Deleted In Store Manager for Magento
Special Prices Deleted In Store Manager for Magento

With this method, you can delete special prices from Magento configurable products, simple products, and other product types.

Try Store Manager to manage and remove Magento special prices fast and most conveniently!

Use Store Manager to remove Magento special prices individually and in bulk! Try now!

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