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Round product prices in Magento 2 (Magento Open Source 2, Adobe Commerce)

The role of Magento 2 (Magento Open Source 2, Adobe Commerce) price rounding is essential when online merchants calculate and plan pricing strategies. It is impossible to underestimate or overlook this operation, since, according to the recent studies, products with rounded prices are more psychologically appealing to your potential customers.

A rounded price ($100.00) encourages consumers to rely on feelings when evaluating products, while a non-rounded price ($97.86) encourages consumers to rely on reason.

So if you want to adjust prices for multiple goods at once, it might be a problem. In case products are priced differently it would be difficult as by default in Magento 2 (Magento Open Source 2, Adobe Commerce) there is no a possibility to adjust them in bulk.

You can remove decimal price in Magento 2 (Magento Open Source 2, Adobe Commerce) without touching the core or any coding. Store Manager for Magento application is the tool designed to enable better price rounding management.

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Let’s analyze the use of rounding function available in Store Manager for Magento by applying it to real-life examples.

Round Magento 2 (Magento Open Source 2, Adobe Commerce) Prices to the Nearest Whole Number

Who needs cents anyway? This is especially true for online purchases. You can display rounded price without change, like $49.00 instead of $49.36 or $35.00 instead of $34.73 etc.

To round prices with Store Manager for Magento you first need to select goods for which you want to adjust cost. After that you can use Multi-Editor tool built in the application. You can launch it via context menu or from product toolbar: Multi Editor's -> Product Multi Editor.

How to Round Product Prices in Magento
Start Product Multi Editor

When new window is opened, switch to Prices tab. There you will see special Expression option in front of each attribute. Click on buttons with 3 dots to open ‘Expression Editor’.

How to Round Product Prices in Magento
Enter the SQL expression in the expression field

There you can input the formula that allows to round prices for selected goods to the nearest whole number. If we want to modify current price the function will be the following:


After you input the formula do not forget to tick update box next to field you want to update.

Please note, Multi-Editor tool allows to make bulk updates for products belonging to the same attribute set. So mind to select goods taking into account attribute set.

The Rounding Rules

This function actually rounds product price according to mathematical rounding rules. It means that if the product decimals are up to or equal to .5 - the value will be rounded to smaller value, if more than .5 - to bigger one.

So, if you have 2 products priced $49.5 and $49.7, after you apply the formula, the value will be changed to $49 for the first item and to $50 for the second.

Round and Set Smart Price

There is also a possibility of using delta round operations not only for base, but also for special price calculation.

Suppose, that you need to set special price, rounding regular one and make smart price, so it could end in the nearest, .99 value.

For this you can use the ROUND function then subtract .01. So the formula to apply in ‘Special price’ field of Multi-Editor will be the following:

ROUND([ATTRIBUTE(price)]) - 0.01

How to Round Product Prices in Magento
How to Round Product Prices in Magento

If you already have special price value you want to adjust, use this function:

ROUND([ATTRIBUTE(special_price)]) - 0.01

Note: For higher decimal precision, when you want to replace zero cents with 0.99, adding 99 cents additionally to the total, you can use the following formula:

ROUND([ATTRIBUTE(price)]) + 0.99

Price Rounding During Import

Now let us assume, that supplier has provided you in the file prices that you want to round. You can do it on-the-fly right during import with Store Manager for Magento.

At the step of mapping file columns to database names next to each field you assign, there is also option that allows to apply expression formula. This way you can make changes right during import without manual file editing and recalculation.

For import, the formula round prices will be the following:


Where INDEX is the number of column in your file where product prices.

How to Round PProduct Prices in Magento
Apply expression formula in the expression field during import process

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