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Database Connection: Direct, Bridge, Direct Connection Through HTTP Tunnel. What Is The Difference?

To start working with your store first of all you have to select what type of connection you would like to set-up. Currently Store Manager allows to set-up:
  1. Direct Connection
  2. Bridge connection
  3. Direct Connection through HTTP Tunnel
  4. Magento Store Manager Connector

Direct MySQL database connection.

Most of hosting companies allow direct connections to MySQL database. However in most cases you have to go to your control panel and add your home/office computer IP address or domain name to Access List - list of IP addresses allowed to access MySQL port 3306 from outside. This option can be found under MySQL settings. Feel free to ask your hosting support to assist you in enabling direct MySQL access, they must help you since it is trivial task.

If direct connections are not allowed there is another way - secure SSH connection. Actually SSH is a kind of tunnel between two computers - your and your server.

Other connections can be established via SSH tunnel. You can use SSH for MySQL as well as for FTP connections. See "Preferences" window, "SSH" page. The only info you need is SSH user name, password and remote port number - basically the same as for typical MySQL connection.

Note: SSH settings do not override MySQL settings. To connect to your database using SSH you must specify all required MySQL parameters as well as SSH.

PHP-MySQL Bridge Connection.

If no direct MySQL nor SSH connection is possible or you getting frequent "Connection lost" events try PHP-MySQL bridge connection. It is considered to be faster when you work with large data arrays.

Direct connection through HTTP tunnel.

Store Manager allows to set-up Direct connection through HTTP tunnel as an alternative way of connecting to your database which possesses the advantages of both direct and bridge connection. This type of connection is useful if you don’t have direct access to MySQL database. Also, you don’t need to do POST GET operations to synchronize data with your store, all changes will be reflected in real-time. HTTP Tunnel is the slowest connection method, which is intended to be used on servers that do not allow direct connection and prohibit method POST (required by bridge connection).

Magento Store Manager Connector

Magento Store Manager Connector is another type of connection to your store. It has the same worklogic as PHP-MySQL Bridge Connection and the difference is that Connector requires native Magento module installation in the bakend.

Important note: In Magento Store Manager the number of Store connections depends upon the edition. Please, check the link for more details: www.mag-manager.com. Thus to manage more than one store, you need to upgrade to PRO Edition. Click here to find out how to upgrade.

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