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How to configure FTP connection?

See an example of properly configured FTP settings on this screenshot:

Magento FTP connection
Magento FTP connection

FTP settings:

  • Server address - IP address or domain name of FTP server. Do not use any prefixes or suffixes there, just simple name or IP.
  • FTP user name/ FTP password - specify login information.
  • Images directory - default directory where all product images are stored. This is most interesting setting, see below for more explanations.
  • Downloads directory - default directory to store downloadable products.
  • Use passive mode (recommended).>

Additional settings:

  • Max FTP threads.
  • Automatically download images - has to be enabled to download images automatically to preview them in Store Manager application.
  • Cache images - has to be enabled to cache images downloaded to Store Manager.

Default FTP Directories:

  • Product images - default subdirectory where product images are stored.
  • Category images - default subdirectory where category images are stored.
  • Manufacturer images - default subdirectory where manufacturer images are stored.

Downloads directory

This is just another FTP directory used to store downloadable products. Say your store sell electronic brochures, programs or some other things which may be downloaded right after purchase. All mentioned above for images can be applied to downloadable products.

Note: FTP account (settings - login/password) used for image and downloadable product management must have rights to read/write apropriate directories otherwise FTP feature may not work properly.

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