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How to Disconnect Store Manager for Magento? How to Uninstall Store Manager?

Do you want to uninstall Store Manager for Magento from your computer and disconnect it from your server? Or you want to reinstall it on your PC to make sure all this time all files and components are set correctly?

No matter what is the reason why you might need to remove the application, this article will guide you on how to safely and easily perform the task.

Remove Store Manager with Built-in Uninstaller

Store Manager has native un-installer, so you can run it this way:

Press Start -> All Programs -> eMagicOne -> Store Manager for Magento -> Uninstall Store Manager for Magento

After that new window appearing will ask from you confirmation and if you agree, you will see new window popped up.

In the drop-down available there you will see 2 options

  • custom uninstallation
  • complete uninstallation

Custom Uninstallation

This option allows you to select what parts of program you want to be removed. Tick the box in front of necessary options you want to be removed along with the program.

Why you might need some components to be kept? You might have for example some custom SQLs or reports and you do not want them to be deleted during reinstall.

Complete Uninstallation

This option will remove all components associated with the program and this way it guarantees that no leftovers will be kept. This option is used when you want to remove it from your PC or in case some of components were not fully or correctly installed previous time and you want to re-install them in proper way.

How to Disconnect Store Manager from Your Server / Database?

If you decided to disconnect Store Manager from your store you need to:

  1. Open Preferences (F12) and go to ‘Database Connection’ tab
  2. Click on ‘Actions’ button and from drop-down select ‘Delete current configuration’

If you are making complete uninstall, all the configurations and related settings will be removed from your computer, therefore Store Manager will be disconnected from your server.

Important note: If you are updating Store Manager to the latests version there is no need to uninstall older version. You can install updated version over existing one.

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