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How to upgrade Store Manager? What is Upgrade to higher version? How to Upgrade from Standard to PRO version?

If you are using Standard Edition of Store Manager for Magento and made up your mind that you'd like to have more functionality without any limitations, there is no need for you to buy new Pro-version of Store Manager. We developed the solution for you which allows to upgrade to the higher version easily and quickly. Now you may change the license type to more powerful Pro-edition or EE-edition simply by purchasing our Upgrade service.

The procedure is very easy and requires only a couple of mouse-clicks to be performed. After you buy Upgrade service you will receive new license key. Re-install Store Manager using this key and enjoy using Pro-version of Store Manager for Magento.

What is more, you may upgrade not only your Primary, but also Additional license(s) if you have any. Simply order Upgrade Service for Additional License for each additional license you would like to upgrade to Pro-version.

Note: After the upgrade procedure you will not be able to use Standard Edition any more, as your old license will be disabled.

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