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I can not register Store Manager with my license at another PC. What to do?

According to our License Agreement you may use one copy of the Product within one hardware computer. You need to reset your License key every time you change your PC. You can reset it at: http://license.emagicone.com/

In order to change your IP/Hostname/Computer ID(HWID) you should login at http://license.emagicone.com/

Enter your username/email and your password to login:

If you do not know your password click "Forgotten your login details" link and system will generate new password and email it to your address.

You'll see your licenses list. Find the one you want to reset (IP/Hostname) and click on "View" link:

Next screen will show your license details as well as downloads available for this license.

Also you'll see the Restrictions section, where you have to press "Reset Hostname/IP" button. By clicking on this button you will clear old license information, while license keys won't change. License on old Hostname/IP/Computer will stop working.

Note: If you need software to be used or installed on the other site, domain or server as well as on the old one, you have to purchase additional license key for it.

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