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Import/Export Option Helps Copying Your Categories

There may be a reason why you need to copy quite a few Magento categories, which can take a lot of time . However copy/paste option is available for products only. Thus you can use category Import/Export Wizard to simplify this task.

Lets say you have 5 parent categories, each of them has to include 30 similar subcategories. You've entered all 30 in Category One. Proceed to following steps:

  1. Make sure this is current (selected) category and click Import/Export button, select Export option.
  2. Specify the file you want your subcategories to be exported to (e.g. subcategories) and the path to it.
  3. Then select "Only from current category" option for on the next page and proceed with the export.
    Now you have all categories you want to duplicate in your file.
  4. Then select all the subcategories, drag them to Category Two and drop there. Subcategories will be moved to that category automatically.
  5. Now perform import of the file you've created (here we used "subcategories"). Category One will list the Subcategories again. This way you'll have same subcategories in 2 categories.
  6. To duplicate them again, simply drag&drop the subcategories From Category One into Category Three and import them again.
This trick can be used on basically any level of your category tree.

To duplicate the whole category tree, you can export your categories, then in the file re-name your root category and import it back. In this way you will have duplicated category tree, that you can assign to particular store view.

The possibility to copy categories via export/import option is available for Magento 1 as well as Magento 2 versions of the shopping cart.

Check free trial version of Store Manager for Magento, the tool that allows to easily do modifications in category tree and duplicate it if necessary. 2-weeks version of the application you can find here - www.mag-manager.com

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