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Just ordered Store Manager, what next? How to proceed? How to install it and connect to my store? Quick Start.

This article describes how to perform product installation, registration and how to setup database connection. The following topics are covered:

  • Installation
  • Registration
  • Setup Database Connection
  • Setup FTP Connection

Store Manager for Magento Installation

If you haven’t downloaded the product yet, use a download link from your order confirmation e-mail.

You should close all Store Manager applications before starting the installation procedure.

Store Manager Setup Wizard will guide you through software installation steps:

  • accept License Agreement
  • select Destination Location (where should Store Manager be installed)
  • choose which components should be installed (all - full installation is recommended; compact; or custom)
  • select Start Menu folder (where to place program shortcuts)
  • select additional tasks (optional)

The Wizard will inform you about successful installation. You're all set to enjoy the advantages of Store Manager.

Product Activation

Once you are done with installation, you will be asked to provide license data to register application.

Specify your First Name, Last Name and your License Number (as it appears in your license account).

Note that you can use one license per one PC. For further usages, please order additional licenses at mag-manager.com/order

Setup Database Connection

In order to start working with a specific store (add products, view orders, etc) you need to setup store connection. It can be done in Preferences Window, which appears automatically on the first start-up and can be accessed later through Tools -> Preferences (F12 shortcut).

  • First of all you should create Store Configuration. Preferences window allows you to create, edit or delete your store configuration (connection settings).
  • Setup database connection. Database installed with Store Manager is a kind of temporary database created locally for different purposes. It can be used for testing Store Manager functionality or to work with your store using PHP MySQL Bridge connection. If you use free demo version and you just want to run software to see how it works, please use embedded configuration with default database. Working with local (Embedded) database using Bridge connection is much faster than working with remote one. You can use your local database to store your remote database inside it, make changes and then just synchronize it - make changes locally and then upload them to the website database.
  • Setup FTP connection
  • In order to be able to manage, view or upload images using Store Manager you should configure FTP connection.

In case you need assistance with connection configuration, please e-mail us and we'll set up everything for you free of charge - contac@mag-manager.com

Now all is done, you can use Store Manager with your live site. Do not forget to make database before each mass operation.

Further instructions can be found in our online documentation: store-manager-for-magento-documentation.emagicone.com

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