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Set Up Connection to Magento 2 with Store Manager Connector

Store Manager Connector enables to seamlessly connect Store Manager desktop application to Magento 2 database to work with your products, customers, orders and other store data faster and offline.

Take advantage of the comprehensive way to manage your Magento 2 catalog with Store Manager application, synced via Connector Module. No need to have FTP access details or upload any files. Just install FREE Connector module and in a few steps you can get Connector configured in your Magento 2 backend.

Please note, Store Manager Connector can be used to integrate Store Manager app with Magento 2.x store only. If you are running Magento 1.x store, you can connect to your database with alternative connection options, available for setup via Connection Wizard.

So this tutorial will guide you through the settings you need to configure to see your Magento 2 store data in Store Manager and fluently work with it from the application.

1. Download and Install Store Manager Connector Module

As it was mentioned above, Store Manager Connector module is FREE and it is available for download at Magento Marketplace -


To be able to download the module, first you should create an account -


In case you are a registered user, you can sign in and proceed with module installation. To do so, you need to add the product to cart. Then go ahead to checkout and press ‘Place the order’ button. No payment information is required as this product is absolutely free.

After that you will see the success page with the details necessary for further installation.

Next you need to click ‘Install Extension’ and you will be redirected to your account, where access keys to the module are stored.

Now you need to proceed with the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Magento 2 back-end and navigate to System -> Web setup wizard.

  2. On the page that opens afterwards, select ‘Component Manager’ option.

  3. At the next step you need to log in to your Magento Marketplace in order see your downloads and purchases.

  4. After account data is synced, you will see updates, new modules you have obtained and date of last synchronization. Head over to ‘Install’ step to see the modules you have downloaded, through haven’t installed yet.

  5. In extensions grid, among the available there modules, find the one named ‘emagicone/module-bridgeconnector’. Select the version from the drop-down (preferably the latest one) and proceed to ‘Install’ section.

  6. Note that to install or update extensions, you need to enter access keys (public and private). You can find them on Access Keys’ page of your marketplace account page.

  7. The procedure of extension installation itself consists of 3 stages. The first one is Readiness Check.

  8. It is necessary for the system to detect whether existing environment is suitable for extension installation. Namely PHP version, PHP extensions, file permissions and compatibility are being checked.

  9. In case checkup is successful, you can move to the next phase and create backup of your store data. Just make sure that you have enough space at your FTP to store code, media and/or database copy.

  10. At the third stage components will install. Keep in mind that it influences your store availability for shoppers, as your shop will be taken offline.

  11. You will see the logs on the procedure progress. As soon as installation is completed you will get success notification and your store will no longer be in maintenance mode.

  12. Now you can check the results by viewing and configuring module settings. To do so, open Store Manager Connector settings double-clicking on its icon that appeared after the installation in the menu on the left.
  13. It is strongly recommended to replace default module username and password with your own credentials for security reasons.

2. Set Connection Settings in Store Manager for Magento

In order to connect Store Manager to Magento database you have to do the following in the application:

  1. Access ‘Preferences’ window of the program either pressing F12 hotkey or selecting the appropriate option from the main window.

  2. In Database Connection tab add new configuration and type in its name. It can be your store title or any other name meaningful for you.

  3. Next check the box next to ‘Magento Store Manager Connector’ and fill in your store URL. Login and password should be exactly the same as are used in module settings you made from Magento admin panel.

Press OK and the software will start connection procedure. After it is finished, you will see your products, categories, customers and orders reflected in the app and further can smartly work with them.

What to Do if you Cannot Install/Setup Store Manager Connector

Here are a few hints and workarounds you can use, in case you have faced any issues with Connector module:

  • Your Magento version should be 2.0.1 and higher. If your version is below the mentioned one, you can set-up connection to database using Connection Wizard directly in Store Manager.
  • Make sure that you have created account at Magento Marketplace and downloaded Store Manager Connector there.
  • To pass installation readiness check, do not forget to set-up necessary cron settings.
  • Try alternative ways of module installation via Composer or manually using FTP.
  • Get FREE assistance with installation and configuration of the module from you customer support team, sending your request via [email protected]

Work with your Magento 2 store faster offline with Store Manager for Magento Download FREE

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