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What is field expression, what can I specify here when importing products?

Expression is a set of SQL statements returning single value. To create an Expression use:

[FIELD_VALUE], representing the current field value from your database

[CSV_COL(INDEX)] , retrieving value from .csv file from the specified column in the INDEX parameter CONCAT(CSV_COL(INDEX1)], ', '|' , ... , [CSV_COL(INDEXN)]), merging values from .csv file from the specified column in the INDEX parameter, can be used to specify full category tree required for import


To increase the product price from your database by 15%, use the formula [FIELD_VALUE]*1.15

To increase the price specified in the .csv file, use the formula [CSV_COL(INDEX)]*1.15, where the INDEX is the number of the .csv column.

To change In Stock/Out of Stock field depending on product quantity, use this formula: IF([CSV_COL(INDEX)] < 3, 0, 1). In this case, if the product quantity is < 3, set value 0 for field "in stock" else set value 1. Note that in this case the ID of product quantity column from .csv file should be set at INDEX.

To merge categories using Expression field (is recommended to use with Automated Product Import), please, find the "Category Name" field and use this formula:

CONCAT(CSV_COL(1)], ', '|' , ... , [CSV_COL(N)])

where: [CSV_COL(N)] is the separate column of .csv file with the category name (N is the column number or sort order)

'|' - is category delimiter (which has been chosen at the previous step)

For more details, click SQL Help button (F1)

To check if your expression is correct, use Execute Expression option, specify any value and check the result. You can execure it as many times as you need untill you get necessary result.

NOTE*: This option requires some SQL skills. In case you need assistance, you're welcome to contact us via e-mail and we'll gladly guide you through the process for a reasonable fee.

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