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What’s the difference between Store Manager Primary and Additional License?

In order to use Store Manager application you have to register it with License key once it is installed on your PC or laptop. It can be done using Primary or Additional License.

Having registered Store Manager for Magento with Primary License, you can use it on one PC or laptop only. In case you need to use it on other computers, you should reinstall Store Manager and move your license (reset your License key). Click here to get details.

Store Manager Additional License is meant for using Store Manager for Magento on other computer(s) (more than one).

Note, in order to use Additional License, you have to purchase Primary License. Additional license will not work without having at least one primary license under the same account.

One more thing should be taken into consideration - Store Manager, registered with Additional License, can be used on one computer only as well. Thus, if you want to use the software on three computers, for example, you should obtain one Primary License and two Additional Licenses. It concerns Store Manager for Magento Standard Edition.

On condition that you choose Professional Edition and want to run the program on three computers, you need to order Primary License+Additional bundle (where you will get Additional one almost free of cost) and one more Additional License.

Pay attention to the following - Primary and Additional License should be ordered under the same account (e-mail). When ordering Additional License, please, make sure, the same e-mail address is used, otherwise it will not work.

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