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Why do I need Store Manager to use addons (plugins)? How can I download addon (plugin)? Add-ons (plug-ins) installation and registration

The term Add-on (Plug-in) is being used to describe software unit, that amplifies primary program and, as a rule, can’t run independently. Store Manager for Magento is primary Magento software, while Magento add ons are Store Manager extensions that increase its capabilities and bring extra features, giving store owners the possibility to integrate with other systems and channels.

In order to use Magento add-ons you should install Store Manager for Magento application. You can download Free Trial or Full version of Store Manager for Magento. Free Trial version is available for 14 days only and has no functional limitation. Full version of the application is paid, but does not represent functional or time limitations.

To install Store Manager full version proceed with the following steps:

  1. Order Store Manager full version - www.mag-manager.com/order/
  2. Open confirmation e-mail containing download link to full version of Store Manager and license key to register it. Use the link to start installation.
  3. Follow wizard steps to install the application. Basically, you have to press “Next” button and accept license agreement.
  4. Register full version of Magento software. Registration form appears on the first start-up. If you use trial version of Store Manager you can register it using license key.
  5. Magento add ons
    Magento add ons

This article describes other registration issues you may encounter - www.mag-manager.com/store-manager-for-magento-faq/registration-problems-im-unable-to-register-store-manager-application-whats-wrong/

As to Magento add-ons, they are implemented into Store Manager for Magento in demo mode and you can’t fully operate with them. You have to register target plug-in with license key to fully unlock its functionality (except of Multi Editors). To check what add-ons are registered open corresponding tab of Preferences window Preferences (F12) -> Addons.

Magento add ons
Magento add ons

Store Manager add-ons are divided into two groups:

1. built-in that haven’t separate installation

2. Magento add-ons that have separate installation

To register Store Manager extension you are obliged to purchase separate license key. You will get an e-mail with registration key. Use it to unlock desired Magento add-on. To open registration form go to Preferences (F12) -> Addons, click on necessary plugin name and input license key in the window appeared.

Magento add ons
Magento add ons

To seize Magento add-ons functionality launch any from Store Manager “Addons” section. Multi Editor icon is being disposed on products toolbar.

Magento add ons
Magento add ons

Use Store Manager add-ons to enhance web store management and ensure efficient business performance.

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