Store Manager for Magento RoadMap

Here you can see features and improvements to be implemented in upcoming release of Store Manager for Magento. You can view the stage of tasks completeness. The data are updated regularly, so you can see the progress almost in real time. Approximate Release Date is Jun 15, 2019
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Issue NameDescriptionLast UpdatedType NameStatus
Magento 2.3 Commerce Support

Store Manager compatible with Magento 2.3 Commerce will be developed.

May 27, 2019ImprovementIn Progress
CMS Pages Support

CMS pages creation from Store Manager will be possible

Jun 26, 2018FeatureOpen/New
Crowdin Integration for Translation

Crowdin integration for both automated and manual crowdsource translation

Jun 26, 2018ImprovementOpen/New
Multistock Support

Handling multiple stock location from Store Manager

Jun 26, 2018FeatureOpen/New
Split Database Support

Possibility to utilize several databases simultaneously (Magento EE)

Jun 26, 2018FeatureOpen/New
Tax Import

Possibility to create tax rules via import

Jun 26, 2018FeatureOpen/New
Magento Stock Taking

Magento stock taking feature for flexible inventory control

Jun 26, 2018FeatureOpen/New
Access Management Enhancements

More flexible system for users and permissions control will be available

Aug 30, 2017Sub-taskOpen/New
Bulk Update of Attribute Type

Possibility to change type for multiple selected attributes will be added

Aug 30, 2017Sub-taskOpen/New
Search by Categories

More prominent category search option will be added

Aug 30, 2017Sub-taskOpen/New
Abandoned Cart Reminder

Abandoned cart report and reminder via email will be available in Store Manager

Aug 30, 2017Sub-taskOpen/New
One-click Migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x

Flexible tool for data transfer from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x will be implemented

Aug 30, 2017Sub-taskOpen/New
Custom Customer Attribute Support

Possibility to create custom attributes for Magento customers will be implemented

Jul 17, 2018Sub-taskOpen/New
Magento POS Optimization

Order creation via POS will be enhanced

Feb 02, 2018Sub-taskOpen/New
Reporting Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard with the latest statistics will be displayed in the application

Mar 13, 2018Sub-taskOpen/New
Issue NameDescriptionLast UpdatedType NameStatus