Order Support and Update Services for Store Manager for Magento

Step 1 - Choose your plan

24-month subscription *
Save up to 50%** on this bundle
$119 $149 $549
12-month subscription * $89 $119 $349
6-month subscription * $49 $89 $199

* - Subscription is charged every 6/12/24 months depending on the plan you’ve chosen above. You can also cancel the subscription instantly in case you need one-time payment only, so no further charges will be made

** - The value of savings you get purchasing 24-month subscription bundle (comparing to 6-month plan) varies from 30% to 50% depending on edition.

If you have problems ordering, you're welcome to order Store Manager Updates at eMagicOne online store

Step 2 - Apply Update Service Key to Your Existing License

In case you use same e-mail while ordering Update Service as you used to order Store Manager, your updates will be applied automatically to your Primary license.

In case you use different account/email, you need to apply them. After purchasing Update Service you will receive license key which you need to apply to your existing Store Manager License with the help of Licensing Tool.

Alternatively you can download latest updates from your account in the eMagicOne License Management Tool.

Note: You do not have to purchase Update Service for each license. It can be applied only to primary license, and thus you need as many update services as you have primary licenses that you want to prolong. Update service does not restrict nor affect usage, you still can use older versions without any additional fees.

Apply Update

Why you may need support and update service

With the Support and Update Service you get access to the update of your Store Manager to the latest versions and technical support provided by eMagicOne. After purchasing Store Manager you have 6 months support and update service for free, but when it expires, you would need to buy it for either 6-,12- or 24 months. Right after you buy the Support and Update Service you will receive the license key that you would need to apply to your Store Manager license.

Note! With the Support and Update Service you get subscription for recurring support and updates of Store Manager. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Support and Update Service does not allow extending the period of validity of the Trial License. The Trial License is time-limited and can not be extended in any way.

Secure Ordering

The information you provide to us will be processed safely and securely. We appreciate your business and promise the following:

Contact our Support Center to get your questions answered.
We are here to help out Mon through Fri, 11.00 - 19.00 (GMT +02.00), excluding holidays.

secure ordering

Store Manager for Magento Update Service FAQ

Why should I update

eMagicOne Team is constantly working to improve the products we are offering. There are few important changes including additional functionality and reliability in every new version released. So we strongly recommend you to update the software every so often.

I do not want to pay, can I proceed using old version?

Yes, you can stay with the version you have. You will be able to proceed using it without any limitations, except of latest features. Please keep a copy of the version as eMagicOne reserves the right to keep a copy of software up to 6 month, so we may not have the version you need.

Do I need to order multiple Update services? I have few Store Manager keys, can I buy one Update service and apply it to all my keys?

You need as many update services as you have Primary licenses to be prolonged. Actually you may apply one Update Service key to one Store Manager license and use it to download Latest version of the application and install it over all your licenses. Download package is not limited by license.

Is it one time payment or recurring payment?

Update Service is a recurring payment (it is made automatically once per 6, 12 or 24 months) but you can unsubscribe from automated charges right after the payment, this way you will have Update Service as one time payment. You will receive e-mail with the option to unsubscribe right after the order.

I want to apply my key, but it says that it is already applied

Update service are applied automatically to your Primary key in case you have ordered them from same account. In case you have ordered Primary license from myemail@gmail.com and Update service using john@mystore.com our system will not be able to apply them automatically. In this case please use step described 2 above to apply your Updates.

eMagicOne is Always There for You!

Installation Services for Magento

Installation  Setup Service
Installing and configuring Store Manager for Magento is as easy as ABC. We make it even more handy for you with eMagicOne Support Service. Click here to purchase the service.

Creating Magento Custom Reports

Custom Report Development
We are also here to help you out with your reports. We can create reports according to your specific requirements. Store Manager for Magento has a very powerful reporting functionality. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Custom Feature Implementation

Custom Feature Implementation
Make your suggestions about new and useful features you'd like to add to Store Manager for Magento and we will consider sponsoring the development of that feature. Its cost starts at $40/hour. With the sponsored development you will get necessary feature in no time. Your work will be credited in the changelog that is read by thousands each release.

Custom Feature Implementation

Import Service
If you want to save time on importing numerous products or categories, we are also here to help! Our experts will populate your store with products quickly and accurately in source comma-separated (.csv), text (.txt), Excel (.xls) or OpenOffice (.ods) files.

Please contact us today for a free quote and consultation

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