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7 Examples of Most Widely-Used Magento Promotions (Price Rules)

The good practice to attract more buyers and boost your sales is to offer money off. Magento allows to create very basic coupon codes and very specific codes all based on the conditions and buyers actions. These coupon codes are called “Shopping Cart Price Rules”.

Where Shopping Cart Price Rule is Created?

To create new shopping cart price rule you need to open admin panel and navigate to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules and click button create rule.

What Kind of Coupons Can Be Created?

You can create different coupon codes

  • % off your purchase
  • $ off your purchase
  • Buy X products and get Y free
  • Free Shipping

Each of these promotions can be customized applying special conditions.

Shopping Cart Price Rule Components

When adding new rule you will have sections with required fields you have to fill in:

  • Rule Information (Rule name, its status, customer groups that can redeem the coupon, coupon type and code)

  • Conditions - the criteria which need to be met in order for someone to receive the promotion

  • Actions - here you put discount value (amount or percentage), discount additional settings and also details of how the sale will be applied, including which products in the cart the sale will apply to

  • Labels - coupon label depending on store view (if you have got wide site architecture)

  • Manage coupon codes - this section appeared if you have selected to generate coupons in first tab. So here you will be able to set code format and create sale coupon codes.


Here we have gathered the most often created and used sales campaigns made by Magento managers. Do not worry, they are simple and tech experience is not necessary 🙂

Now let's have a closer look at the list of examples and detailed explanation of conditions set.

#1. 25% OFF on Items in Specific Categories Only

You need the client to be able to apply discount code only to items assigned to certain categories. In case buyer has added to cart goods from predefined categories as well as from other categories, the code should be applied to items from categories indicated in promotion rule.

Go to Promotions -> Shopping Cart Price Rules

Click Add New Rule and fill rule information.


On left sidebar, click Conditions tab

Click +

Choose Product attribute combination -

Click +

and from drop-down select Category -

click on three dots in 'Category is ... '

and choose categories and subcategories to apply discount

or indicate category IDs


Select percentage and discount value 25%.

If you need also to apply the coupon only to items from specific categories, when there are multiple items in the cart (from other categories) you need also:

On left sidebar, click Actions tab and in section - ‘Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions’

Click +

and from drop-down select Category

click on three dots in 'Category is ... '

and choose categories and subcategories to apply discount or indicate category IDs

Apply the conditions and fill in other details/tabs for coupon generation.

Save promotion.

Eventually, when for example 2 products are added to cart and only one of them belongs to the category we indicated in the rules, the coupon code will be applied to this product only, but not to the other one -

#2. 15% OFF on assortment (excluding certain SKUs)

Imagine that you offer customers the discount, but want it to be applicable to all the goods in catalog except of one product. Let’s say that you need to restrict from reduction the most expensive item in your shop or the one that your partner offers and you cannot offer coupons on it.


Put coupon value -15 and type - percentage.

In section for cart conditions:

Click +

Select SKU from drop-down

Now, you will see SKU is not ... and set SKU value

You can add as many sku’s to excludes as you wish

#3. Free shipping for certain location

You might want to make shipping free for some districts, provinces or even countries your goods will be delivered.


See if ALL of these conditions are TRUE

Click +

Select from drop-down Shipping region, state or country

and put the value


“Free Shipping” set to “For matching items only”.

#4. $50 coupon on items of certain size

This discount will be useful if you have got for example lots of clothing items of big sizes and you need to sell them out in this way, giving a little push to the shoppers.
Note: we are going to use ‘Size’ attribute, but first you have to make sure that it can be used for promotions creation. Go to Catalog -> Attributes -> Manage Attributes“Use for promo rule conditions”yes.


Apply: Fixed amount Discount, Discount Amount: 50

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:

Click +

Pick ‘Size’ from the drop-down

and select value, e.g. - Large

#5. Buy 1 Get 1 Free (for items from specific category)

Put the items you want to make sale for in one category and allow clients buying one product receive second one free. This will definitely grab shoppers’ attention.


If ALL of these conditions are TRUE

Click +

Select ‘Product Subselection’ from drop-down

If total quantity is ... (put 2 instead of dots) for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions

Click +

Choose ‘Category’ from drop-down and select needed category.


For the apply field we’ll be using ‘Buy X get Y Free’. Now we just need to set the ‘Discount Amount’ to 1 and the ‘Discount Qty Step (Buy X)’ to 1.

Moreover, you again need to indicate for which category this works for items added to cart.

#6. $100 OFF Coupon all On All Orders $1000+

Here the title of promotion speaks for itself - we have to add condition that will take into account order subtotal.


See if ALL of these conditions are TRUE

Click +

Select from drop-down ‘Subtotal’

Change ‘is’ to ‘equals to or greater than’

and instead of ... put subtotal value $1000


Apply: ‘Fixed amount discount’

Discount Amount - 100

#7. Buy 2 products from particular manufacturer and get 40% discount - For specific customer group

This more complex rule that includes a few criteria to be met. It allows you to encourage users belonging to certain customer group buy more. This way you target more narrow audience of customers and can make promotions more personalized.
First of all, you need to create customer segment and assigned to it users. Go to Customers -> Customer Groups, created group (r make sure that it is already created) and assign shoppers to it.

Now creating new rule assign it to customer group.


If ALL of these conditions are TRUE :

Click +

Choose “Product Subselection”

If total quantity equals or greater than 2 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions:

Click +

manufacturer is ... (Select from drop-down)


Apply: Percent of product price discount

Discount Amount: 40

You can setup much more complex rules with various conditions - everything that your needs, fantacy and Magento allows 🙂 It is always important to test your rules thoroughly before going live with them.

Now when you know how, go ahead and create your own promotions with the help of Magento shopping cart price rules!

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