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Magento 2 Features List

Magento 2 has officially been announced back in 2010 and its release was planned to be made a year later. Although things changed and it is only in 2015, that its beta version is ready for download, testing and playing around. It’s been a long wait and this delay most likely is explained by the fact that Magento was acquired by eBay, so presumably lots of time and resources were spent on re-organization.

Anyway, Magento 2.0 is not yet ready and is still being in development stage.The roadmap for the future looks like this:

magento 2 features list
magento 2 features list

Image source http://info2.magento.com/

Developers abuzz with what’s coming in new Magento 2. There are lots of blog posts enlisting its improvements.

In this article we will not enumerate some complex things with specific terminology. On the other hand, such benefits as scalability, flexibility, security, performance and speed improvements, new files structure, optimized checkout etc might seem pretty general, in spite of their obvious usefulness.

So we have decided to compile a list of features that can be useful for online merchants, that will (or might, as we cannot be 100% sure) be released with Magento 2.

Magento 2 Features List:

  • customization of Magento admin grid, adding necessary columns to it

  • magento 2 features list
    magento 2 features list

  • images drag'n'drop

  • magento 2 features list
    magento 2 features list

  • modification of product attribute set

  • magento 2 features list
    magento 2 features list

  • quick configurable product creation - improved with ability to generate associated simple items, bulk upload images and pricing

  • magento 2 features list
    magento 2 features list

  • improved import (upload of custom options, tier and group prices, related items, cross- and up-sells, tax rates, bundle products)
  • built-in migration tool (with ability to move data) from older versions to Magento 2.x

Does Store Manager for Magento Support Magento 2?

Updated: Starting from ver.3.0.0 Store Manager is fully compatible with both Magento 1.x and 2.0.x. You can check the full details on Store Manager compatibility with Magento in Technical Requirements section.

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What is Store Manager for Magento?

Imagine you can manage your Magento without having to wait for the pages to load each time you make any changes? Want to fulfill your stock and trade online without having to look for php scripts? With Store Manager it is possible! You can check it yourself free.

14-day fully-functional version of Store Manager for MagentoTry Free!

What Store Manager Offers Over Magento 2 Features?

  • free phone, chat and e-mail support
  • the ability to work offline
  • add orders via POS with barcode scanner
  • Multi Editors for mass data adjusting in 2 clicks
  • Possibility to edit product type after item was created
  • Expression rules for complex data modifications without manual work
  • Import/export of all product types with relations from CSV, XML, XLS, XLSX, TXT and ODS formats, import/ export of attribute sets and category tree (together or separately from products), orders import (coming soon)
  • ability to generate configurable products by criteria, from simple products with custom options or from ready-made simple product variations
  • advanced filtering
  • ability to synchronize with additional accounting systems and sales channels - eBay (one-time payment, no recurring), Amazon, IceCat, QuickBooks, PDF creator, USPS shipping

What features would you like to see in Magento 2 and Store Manager for Magento? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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Steve • 04/23/2016

Is Store Manager support Magento 2 now?

Magento Store ManagerMod Steve • 04/26/2016

Thank you for your question. Recently we have released new Beta version partially compatible with Magento 2. If you are in testing it, you can contact our support via contact@mag-manager.com

Susan • 10/29/2015

Will your Store Manager still support Magento 1.x after Magento 2 is there?

Magento Store ManagerMod Susan • 11/02/2015

Hello Susan.
Thank you for your question. Yes, sure we will support Magento 1.x even after Magento 2 is released.

Jason • 10/27/2015

Do you recommend to upgrade to Magento 2.0?

Magento Store ManagerMod Jason • 10/28/2015

Well, this is still developer's release, so it is too early to make the final decision. It is definitely worth to wait till stable commercial version of Magento 2 is available and only then we all will be able to see the whole picture.
Definitely, from the things we saw now, Magento 2 will be more enhanced in functionality, so letєs arm ourselves with patience and wait 🙂

Dave • 10/29/2015

One of few posts on Magento 2 with actual list of features, instead of general phrases about major improvements. Thanks!