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Magento – Make Your Business Successful

Magento is a professional Open Source eCommerce, PHP based shopping cart made by Varien, e-commerce design house.

Merchants would benefit from Magento complete flexibility in webshop management, store content, and functionality of their online channel.

It’s feature-rich solution for online business, that has great advantages to be the de-facto standard open source e-commerce platform. It is very popular at the online market.

Magento's open source status means that it is free to download. Developers can create add-ons and plug-ins to expand its capabilities. In fact, this platform gives many opportunities for growth and expansion that any popular open source solutions do.

The main goal of this shopping cart is to give merchants the power to create online stores, to provide an unrivaled and rich online shopping experience for the customers, tailored to their unique business needs.

Magento has intuitive interface of administration panel. On the back-end, the administrator side, the layout and design are fairly intuitive. The template system, promoted by this system is very easy in use.

One of the great features of this shopping cart is what they term “layered navigation” - although it’s more of a filtering mechanism for products within a category. Magento has an incredible usability feature.

The other useful feature is that it’s multi-lingual. Multi-currency capabilities are included in this shopping cart too. It’s a very convenient function.

Websites created on Magento have a very good SEO, as a result it makes your business more profitable. It’s a major plus. You have complete control over the product URLs, that’s amazing! You can change the URL in administrator access panels. Magento has the easiest and most powerful SEO control in the admin panel among other shopping carts.

magento software

Moreover, it has one more important feature - Automated Email Marketing Reminders module. It enables merchants to increase customer retention through sending configurable, automated e-mail reminders to customers who abandoned shopping carts, that leads to enable merchants for targeting promotions and discounts.

This powerful shopping cart allows you to improve sales and marketing efforts with advanced attribute management. Customer account and address attributes are managed by the Magento administrator interface and then used to create customized marketing campaigns and customer profile.

It’s worth saying, that the EAV data model is really great. It’s fast and makes sense when you have many possible attributes to assign to a specific object.

Feature list is comprehensive: coupons, specials, multiple checkout and shipping options, tier pricing, layered navigation, etc.

Magento eCommerce platform provides the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth and its one of the most powerful shopping carts in the world.

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