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Magento Support: Custom Development and Technical Assistance

Magento experts from eMagicOne are ready to provide you with an efficient Magento support service and help you out from any trouble you are stuck with. The wealth of experience and expertise of our technicians enables effective and high-quality support concerning any technical or marketing tasks, projects and issues.

We are here to make everything perfect, in time and with 100% control over the process.

Magento Support
Magento Support

Magento Support Services From eMagicOne

Magento installation and upgrade

Let our experts guide you through the process of Magento installation including server configuration, template installation and data upload. In case you decided to migrate your Manento 1x to Magento 2x, we can provide you with the latest Magento installation and assist you during the upgrade.

Synchronization with currently used systems

Get your store data integrated with the systems you are already using, eg. your ERP, CRM, payment and shipping systems and warehouses in real time via API or other methods.

Manual testing

To check customer's experience our quality assurance specialists can run tests on your store and send you a detailed report and recommendations.


Get your site appropriately indexed by Google and obtain higher positions in search results after performing necessary SEO improvements including data structuring, images compression, markups, speed optimization etc.

Scraping data by URL

In order to keep you aware of any updates on your supplier's site or track your competitors, we offer you an exclusive scraping service eScraper. This tool is used to grab data from web-pages including product listings with images and prices etc. and save this data to eCommerce-compatible files ready for Magento import. Further automated import with specific logic adjustment can be applied automatically.

Magento Support Chat

If you need assistance with any of the above Magento technical tasks, talk to our PM and get detailed technical scope and estimates for your project. Drop us a line to get free consultations.

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