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Favorites section is an area where you organize objects in order to quickly access them whenever you need it. It is the section with the list of options available in Store Manager for Magento that you most often use and would like to bookmark for further faster access. This way, you can go back to needed feature faster and without searching.

Favorites section of Store Manager is the second tab of the application. In case you do not see it, then most likely it means that it is disabled. To be able to see this tab, it should be enabled at Preferences (F12) - Advanced. There tick the checkbox “Show Favorites”.

If you see this section listed, but does not contain anything, it means that no any features have been added to favorites yet.

You can navigate Favorites section, making its look correspond to your taste. To add some options to Favorites you need to right-click at the desired feature and select the appropriate action. In case the button is greyed out it means either that it cannot be added or have already been added to mentioned list.

You bookmark lots of options and eventually have too many of the of them, you might need to remove some of them to create space for others. To eliminate some options from the Favorites list, right-click at the necessary feature and press “Remove from favorites”.

Having fast access to needed functionality can make your work with your data catalog smarter, and it means more productive. These small things can boost your work and makes it more efficient.

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