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Magento Abandoned Carts

Sales volume can be compared to fuel that powers online business and helps you grow financially. It behoves you to do everything possible to maintain sufficient sales level, keep customers at your shop and avoid Magento abandoned carts.

One of the most common issues, which occur in eCommerce, is that, shoppers come to your website and find merchandise matching their expectations. They place these items to the carts, but for some reason or other do not complete the purchase. May be internet connection went down before check out and when it came back customer forgot about the purchase.

Sometimes people do not complete order because possibilities of payment are declined or simply they decide to postpone it or compare chosen item with another one. In such a way, number of abandoned orders increases, what negatively influences your revenue.

You should stop sales from slipping through your fingers and increase revenue by converting abandoned orders. Store Manager for Magento lets you follow up with customers who have abandoned their orders through Magento abandoned carts feature.

Store Manager for Magento allows to track statistics via 'Shopping Cart'. This section of Store Manager application contains orders, made by unregistered customers and provides the list of products, abandoned in carts.

In a next few lines of this tutorial we are going to outline why this functionality will be useful for store keepers.

To reach abandoned carts section of Store Manager switch to Store and click on Abandoned Carts icon. You will be transferred to Abandoned Shopping Carts window. There are two options available to the left - 'Products in carts' and 'Abandoned carts'.

Magento Products in Carts

This section lists abandoned orders, made by unregistered customers. It means, someone, who hasn’t account and did not log in to your web shop, pressed “Add to Cart” button beside goods you sell online. All these products fall to Products in Carts list.

Directly from this section you can go to the product ordered - resorting to 'Go to Product' option, disposed on the toolbar.

Whenever you want to keep some statistics and save information on abandoned products to the file, you can export these products to .csv or Excel file. Data export to csv file is accomplished via step-by-step export wizard.

Do not miss convenient filter options to access desired products. Available cart products can be filtered by timeframe (today, yesterday, last week, this month, full period, etc) or you may indicate what exactly product you are searching for via 'Product' filter tab.

Magento Abandoned Carts

Whenever some of the registered clients added certain Magento products to the cart but did not finish the transaction, these items will get to the Abandoned Cart section in 'Shopping Cart'. It is divided into two parts - above you can see the list of customers, who have abandoned their orders and when you switch to a certain customer, you will see ordered item in the field below.

Similarly, you can export information on customers to CSV file, namely customer name, address, email, phone number, etc. It is possible to switch to highlighted customer or product simply pressing 'Go to Customer' or 'Go to Product' button.

Magento abandoned cart is meant for efficient abandoned orders management. It lets you track registered and anonymous customers, who did not close the sale. If registered customers have abandoned the purchase, it falls to the Abandoned Carts section. Here you get contact information (customer email, phone number, address), so that you can contact them (e.g. send Magento abandoned cart email) and remind of items pending in their shopping carts, converting abandoned carts to sales in such a way.

Follow the link to find out more on Store Manager functional capabilities - www.mag-manager.com

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