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Magento Advanced Filters

The large array of products at Magento website behooves you to apply filter in order to find necessary merchandises. You may need to update certain items, spread all over the catalog, which embraces immense number of products. If you start to dig over your catalog on purpose to find these wares it will be definitely time-consuming and the more products you have the more time is required.

Store Manager for Magento deprives you of tedious and lengthy catalog browsing, since it comprises comprehensive product filters. They provide high level of flexibility and allow to sort products by different parameters. Advanced product filtering helps you attain desired merchandises within minimum time and efforts made.

Quick Product Sorting

The shortest way to reach required products is to sort rows by column headings. Information on products, displayed in the main menu, is arranged in columns. Each column has its title and you may rearrange product rows clicking on certain column heading. Consequently, products will be sorted in alphabetic order on condition that the column stands for text field (product type, attribute set name, product name, SKU, etc) or in ascending/descending sequence when numeric values are included (ID, price, date products have been added, quantity, etc).

Data Sorting in Store Manager for MagentoColumns
Sort Data in Magento Columns

The picture provided demonstrates products filtered by price. Products with the lowest price stand at the top of the list and below items with ascending price are listed.

Enhanced Product Filter

Store Manager application allows to make product filter more exact. There is an arrow disposed beside each column title. Clicking on it you will expand drop-down menu, listing Magento filter criteria. If you check box for certain criteria, only those products that match marked parameters will be displayed in the list. For example, if you need to operate with configurable products only, press the arrow beside Type heading and tick Configurable Product checkbox. Configurable products will be listed only. To cancel the filter and return entire product list, click on the corresponding button below.

Column Filters in Store Manager
Use Column Filters in Store Manager for Magento

Having Store Manager at the disposal you can create Magento custom filters and input your own filter parameters on the basis of which product filtering will be carried out. Select Custom option from the drop-down. Dialog box comes up. Here you should specify conditional on the basis of which products will be filtered.

For example, you may need to process with products, price of which varies from $100 to $200. This can be specified when creating filter statement like on the screenshot.

Magento Custom Filter
Use Magento Custom Filter to Specify Conditions

Once you press Ok button all the products priced at $100-$200 will be displayed.

Moreover, different custom filters can be created on the basis of search conditions, designated in product search form. Created filter option is automatically added to filter parameters, accessible on the product toolbar.

Filter functionality is designed to enhance and lighten product management. Web merchants can make use of built-in filters or create custom filters specifying necessary parameters.

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