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Magento Multi Editor Tool

What is the main concern of online store owner? To find a simple way to execute Magento product update for significant amounts of entities in bulk. If you are here and reading this article, then your search has ended. With Multi Editor tool of Store Manager for Magento software you can perform substantial changes to numerous products, no matter if you need to change quantity of goods, increase or lower your prices or set different product status, etc.

Multi Editor functionality allows you to perform massive changes of item details within one attribute set. So if you have products from several attribute sets, filter them out and make catalog changes for multiple entities within one attribute set.

There are 2 main options to choose from using Multi Editor:

  • Products Multi Editor
  • Inventory Multi Editor

Before trying to change products, select necessary ones and call up Multi Editor.

You can call up this useful tool either by clicking on Multi Editor button that is placed on the toolbar or by selecting appropriate action after the right-click in the products window.

Multi Editor Tool in Store Manager
Use Multi Editor to Update Magento Products and Inventory

Lets review how each of the options work and what do they allow to change.

Products Multi Editor

Multi Editor tool makes it possible for you to conduct update specifically of product related fields that do not belong to inventory. You can massively alter products’ names, status, visibility, price etc. in a few clicks. All the information available for bulk editing is grouped into several tabs, among which you can switch.

Information in Tabs that Can Be Edited With Multi Editor
Use Multi Editor to Change Information in Tabs

There are different tabs with info for store views you have at your web shop. You can set default values using “Use default checkbox” or set specific values.

Changing General Product Data to Default
Use Multi Editor to Change General Product Data to Default

For fast renewal of product-related details you can set the new value for the existing one or use expressions for more proficient change.

For example, presume you have to accomplish price modifications for some products and increase each by 15%. Click browse button in front of Price option and you will see Expression editor window where you should paste the following expression -


Expression to Mass Update Prices
Use Expression to Mass Update Prices

Do not forget to tick the checkbox in front of price field in order to let the software know that you need to do update price procedure.

The process will take a few seconds and will be completed faster than you manage to blink.

Magento Inventory Multi Editor

Inventory Multi Editor serves as perfect means to accomplish bulk changes of inventory-relevant fields, like items' quantity, stock availability, minimum or maximum qty of items allowed in the shopping cart.

Typically, the process of inventory update is analogical.

Inventory Multi Editor Window
Use Inventory Multi Editor to Update Inventory-Relevant Fields

You had the opportunity to see how massive changes of products details can be handled within a short time with Multi Editor tool. Price and quantity updates have never been so easy!

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