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Magento Tier Price Multi Editor for Massive Edits

Magento Tier Price is a perfect way to boost your sales by offering customers quantity-based discounts. From now on it is possible to add, edit or remove Magento tier price rules massively using Magento Tier Price Multi Editor, built in Store Manager application. It was developed to simplify managing tier pricing for a big number of products with a lot of conditions. This tool provides you with all necessary instruments allowing to perform the procedure in a convenient way.

Magento Tier Price Multi Editor functionality is available starting from version of Store Manager.

Magento Tier Price Multi Editor has two configuration modes: simple and advanced (advanced mode is available only in Enterprise edition). Let's figure out how to set tier prices for your Magento products with each of the above modes one by one.

Where to Find Tier Price Multi Editor?

There are a few ways to open Magento Tier Price Multi Editor window in Store Manager for Magento application:

  • launch it from the Products toolbar using the Multi Editors drop-down menu;

  • launch magento tier price multi editor

  • on the products grid, select the items you need to edit and right-click on them. Select from the options Multi Editors>>Tier Price Multi Editor or Tier Price>>Tier Price Multi Editor.

  • magento_tier_price_multi_editor_start

Setting Magento Tier Prices in Simple Mode

What actions can be performed in Simple Mode?

  • Set relations between product quantity and product prices selecting a specific modifier type (+/- value, percentage or fixed value);
  • Apply tier prices on selected websites;
  • Enable/disable tier prices for particular customer groups.

magento tier price multi editor simple mode

How to use?

  1. Check the 'Modify quantity by'/'Modify price by' boxes to input products quantity and price values. Select the Modifier type: +/- value, percentage (for prices only) or fixed value.

  2. magento tier price multi editor modify by

  3. Use Websites drop-down to specify the website the changes must be applied to. Then check or uncheck the 'All groups' box and select 'Customers group' from the drop-down.

  4. magento_tier_price customer

    Note: If both 'All Groups' and 'Not Logged In' options are activated, the configurations will be applied to all customer groups. In case both of them are not selected, the changes will not be displayed in any of the groups.

    There are three 'Action' options you can select:

    • Skip - do not apply the updates to the current column;
    • Modify - edit tier price data of current column;
    • Delete - remove tier price from the product.

    • magento_tier_price customer


      Let's say, you sell watches for $100 each. Recently you created a discount for your wholesalers offering them to pay -$10 for each item, when buying at least 10 product items, or -$30 when buying at least 50 items.

      Tier prices can be added this way: select necessary products and switch to 'Tier Price' tab in the lower grid. After that press 'Add' button and configure the quantity and price relations in the separate 'Tier Price' window.

      magento tier price add example

      For some reasons you decided to increase that -$10 discount to -$15 and -$30 to -$35. What should you do? First, highlight necessary products and launch Tier Price Multi Editor. After that input fixed value '10' into 'Modify quantity by' field and '-5' value into 'Modify price by' field.

      magento tier price multi editor set example

      Select Wholesale customer group from the drop-down and the website to apply tier price rules to. Select Modify action from the drop-down for those -$10 tier price rules.

      Perform the same operation with -$30 discount rules, setting Modify action for them. Now your tier price rules are changed.

      Configuring Tier Price in Advanced Mode (available in Enterprise edition only)

      What is Advanced mode used for?

      Beside simple mode functions, in this mode you can use expression editor and customize tier price configuration by applying your own SQL commands.

      How to use?

      Start Tier Price Multi Editor using one of the mentioned ways and switch the mode to advanced in the left upper corner of the window.

      The editor window looks the same as in Simple mode and includes the same columns except of additional 'Expression for price*' function. In order to open expression editor, press the browse button.

      magento tier price multi editor expression editor

      Here you can create your own expressions and run them pressing the 'Execute Expression' button or F9 hotkey. Select the necessary action to be performed in each of the product fields.

      'Add to Selected Products' function

      Selecting this option will transfer you to a separate window. Here you can set tier prices specifying data in the columns (the ones marked with asterisks are required to be filled) and apply them to the highlighted products.


      Copy/Paste or Massively Delete Magento Tier Prices (EE only)

      You can clone or massively delete Magento Tier Prices only in Enterprise edition of Store Manager.

      In order to append existing tier price rules to other merchandise, follow these steps:

      1. Highlight necessary items in the products list and select Tier Price tab in the lower grid. Press 'Copy Selected' button and click on the product you want to paste the copied tier price to.

      2. magento copy tier price

      3. From the context menu select Tier Price>>Paste Selected.

      4. magento clone tier price

      5. There will show up a pop-up window asking you to select the exact action to be accomplished:
      • Delete and Paste (clear the existing tier prices from the product and insert the copied ones);
      • Just Paste (add the selected tier prices to the current ones, if there are any);
      • Cancel.

      magento paste tier price

      In order to delete tier prices for a bulk of products, use the following context menu options: Tier Price>>Delete Selected.

      magento tier price multi editor delete

      Tier Price filter

      In addition, another new option is available now: you can check what products have tier prices by filtering them using Custom Columns drop-down. The ones with tier prices will be marked by a specific sign.

      magento tier price filter

      Using Magento Tier Price Multi Editor you can easily handle tier price rules for either 100 or 10 000 products and change those rules in few clicks! Take advantage of this multifunctional and handy tool and set up Magento Tier Prices massively.

Edit Magento Tier Prices Massively with Store Manager for Magento

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Francesco • 08/21/2018

Why Tier Price Multi editor doesn't showing? I have version 3.3.1

Magento Store ManagerMod Francesco • 10/13/2018

Hello, Francesco! Thank you for your question. Tier Price Multi Editor is available starting from version Here you may check the details - https://www.mag-manager.com/discover-the-latest-updates-of-store-manager-for-magento/v-3-14-0-2159-renewed-amazon-and-ebay-integrations-tier-price-multi-editor-other-improvements/