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Manage Magento Multi Stores Conveniently

Multi web site retailing is approachable thanks to Magento multi store functionality. You must admit that it significantly expands business possibilities since allows to power any number of websites within single installation or using several of them.

Why might you find multi store advantageous? This shopping cart, actually, lets you build multiple shopfronts, selling different goods, that are handled from single administration area. Respectively, it improves and lightens web data management, helps track sales and clientele without login to admin panel for each of websites.

Store Manager for Magento contributes to e-shop management, including administrating of numerous stores and views. The application expects you to set connection to each of databases you have. You are allowed to manage one at a time. In such a way, whenever you need to derive data, inherent to certain shop, you just need to switch connection.

Before you commence on setting several Magento-based web shops, you have to consider the following points:

  • you are supposed to set separate connection to each shop, if it is located on separate installations. Respectively, in order to get access to some database with products, you need to change connection
  • whenever all the shops share the same database and the same Magento installation is being used, one connection should be created. You will be able to view all the websites, stores and store views in the drop-down available above category tree in Store -> Categories and Products. Respectively, you will be automatically switched to certain website after you select it from this drop-down

If you want to configure numerous connections and efficiently handle multiple stores you should acquire Professional Edition of Store Manager for Magento

Below in this article we will shortly cover how to configure database connections and easily access each one at a time without inputting login details.

Designate Connection Configurations Details

To access data you should set connection to it. All the necessary details are being configured in Preferences -> Database Connection. After you click on Create New Configuration button, there will appear small window where connection name should be provided.

magento multi store
magento multi store

Afterwards connection details should be designated. It is possible to use connection wizard and somewhat automate the process or input details manually depending on the type of connection you choose (bridge, direct, direct through HTTP tunnel)

Similarly all the necessary connection configurations should be added.

Change Connection

Suppose you are connected to some e-store at the moment, but need to connect to other one. Theoretically you should change connection to retrieve other catalog data to view or manage it. You do not need to perform one hundred of login operations. Just move to Settings tab of the main menu. There you will find Quick Connection Switch option. If you click on it, you will get list of connections already configured. Correspondingly, select the one you need to switch to necessary shop. There is also the possibility to quickly turn to previous connection configuration.

magento multi store
magento multi store

Store Manager software significantly contributes to efficient web store management and eliminates inconveniences that might happen when one needs to manage several shops from one place.

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