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Magento Quick View Product Page

When you add or update products in Magento, naturally, you want to see how those settings or changes are displayed at product page. As you might already have noticed, there is no option to view Magento product page right from back-end.

So How to View Particular Magento Product at the Front-End?

You need to open a new tab in your browser, type in your store address and further there are a few ways to check the item:

  • You may use search to find the item
  • Browse through a category this product is assigned to
  • Copy URL key of the definite product and use it to navigate to its page

As you see, none of above mentioned ways seem to be very fast and sufficient. When you have to repeat the task with a few products, the process of running back and forth between backend and frontend to make changes, save configuration, go to frontend and find the modified page can be very unhandy and time consuming.

Magento Quick View Product Page
Magento Quick View Product Page

Is There Easier Way to Check Magento Product Page?

You can see how Magento product looks like from clients’ side easier than ever before. There is an extremely useful application - Store Manager for Magento that offers a striking approach that allows you reducing the time spent on process by half or even more.

Navigate to product page with only 2 clicks! Try Free Now!

It is installed at your PC easy like any desktop program. No need to modify template or hire developer to install extension in admin panel.

Let’s see how it works.

Quick Product View via Store Manager for Magento

With the application the process is extremely convenient, as it is performed without spending much time on carrying it out.

All you need to do is to right-click at Magento product you need to see and select ‘View Product Page’ from the context menu. After that a product will be opened in new tab of your default browser.

Magento Quick View Product Page
Magento Quick View Product Page

These is also an option to view product edit from in back-end. To do so, you have to select ‘View Product Admin Panel’ in context menu.

Additionally, the same way you can check category a products belongs to. To view category page, you have to right-click on the necessary one and select appropriate option.

What’s More

Store Manager for Magento is not limited to one option that you can use. It is multi-functional tool that allows you to:

  • Work offline with your store
  • Manage your products, customers, orders and related data in much more approachable way
  • Speed up your inventory updates by 150%
  • Perform bulk changes of selected products in seconds
  • Import/Export all Magento entities including attributes and attribute sets, category free, customers, orders, all product types products, images and other related data (multiple file formats supported, no strict requirements to import file)
  • Create orders with POS with barcode scanner support
  • Use Store Diagnostics to check your SEO problems and fix them
  • And lots of more to give a try free for 14 days!

Check Store Manager Magento (both 1.x and 2.x versions supported) FREE Download

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