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Magento SEO

Though Magento can be characterized as one of the most search-engine friendly platforms, its users look for workable techniques, that will enhance business performance and boost online shop ranking in search engine results. These are so-called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, using which you will make sure that clients will faster find right product page.

At the present time you may take advantage of multiple tools that help you amplify performance of the online platform, among them, Images Optimization, SEO Friendly URLs, Products and categories Meta Information, etc. Magento meta tags are proven method of website optimization that will positively influence your bottom line and help keep top position in search engines.

In this article you will find valuable tips on how to feasibly and quickly optimize meta tags using Store Manager application.

At first, let’s give definition of Meta tags term. They can be defined as “HTML or XHTML elements used to provide structured metadata about a Web page, help search engines define the page properly, and, most especially, make it rank higher in the result list”. Web shoppers can’t see this information at web page, it’s implicit and being used by search engines to index a page. In such a way, clearly specified meta tags further quick and resultative product search.

With Store Manager tool you can efficiently outline meta information for products, categories and pages. Tags include:

  • Meta title is defined as unique page title, displayed at the top of a web browser and in the search engine result pages. It should be relevant and include keywords matching users’ search query. Title limit is 70 characters, so make them fit, specifying optimal length.
  • Magento meta keywords - phrases that are used to outline web page content. Meta keywords contribute to better search engine identification.
  • Meta description is short web page description that in condense and accurate manner shows what information certain web page incorporates. Make it distinct and informative, inputting pointful meta keywords to attract customers attention, as meta description is accessible in search result listings.

Store Manager application allows you to easily manage meta information, what is crucial for SEO. When adding or updating products via Edit Product Data form you can designate SEO-optimizing meta description, title and meta keywords in corresponding fields of Meta Information tab. To open it go to Store -> Categories and Products and press product edit (add new product) icon on the toolbar or double-click on a product required.

magento meta tags

Adding meta tags for certain categories is quite a similar procedure. It’s possible to specify meta information while creating new category or altering existing one via General Information tab of Edit Category Data form. To open it press add or edit category icon disposed on category toolbar.

magento categories meta information

Note, that in the event if you do not specify meta tags and leave the fields empty, product name will be regarded as meta title and keywords, while its description will be taken as meta description.

Oftentimes, there is a need to add meta tags to multiple items, that have been already disposed at your e-store. Inputting them manually, one by one, can be cumbersome and long-lasting process. To avoid inconveniences and quickly add meta information to target items, you should fall back upon data upload from file functionality.

Beyond any doubt, better SEO leads to increasing number of customers and conversions. Optimize your website specifying proper meta tags - bring your customers directly to products they are searching for. Use Store Manager for Magento to add or update meta information at an easy rate



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