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How to Run Magento SEO Diagnostics

Even small Magento SEO faults or shortcomings may provoke some serious problems and reduce your site attendance. In order to keep your metadata secure and efficient, you should regularly run SEO diagnostics of your Magento store.

Using Store Manager you can detect such Magento SEO errors as missing or duplicated meta titles or meta descriptions, duplicated URL keys, meta titles and meta descriptions with excessive length etc.

How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics
How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics

Can I Perform SEO Diagnostics From Magento Admin?

Magento back-end office does not provide the possibility to analyse SEO section of your store, unless you decide to check all pages for errors manually. Such procedure will probably take too much time and give small results. That's why you might need to look for some additional extensions.

Store Manager allows to execute Magento SEO diagnostics in few minutes with no additional plugins required. All you need to do is to select the types of SEO error and press 'Run' button. It is possible to check store for a few SEO error types at one time.

Let's get closer to the process and find out how to check if all is well with your Magento meta titles, meta descriptions and URLs.

How to Run Magento SEO Diagnostics with Store Manager?

  1. Open 'Tools' tab on the main Store Manager toolbar. Select 'Store Diagnostics' section and view the listed issues on the left.
  2. The list contains a few problems related to SEO:

    • Missing titles or meta descriptions;
    • Duplicate meta titles or meta descriptions;
    • Meta titles and meta descriptions, whose length is out of range;
    • Duplicate URL keys;
    • HTML tags in meta titles or meta descriptions;
    • External URLs in descriptions;
    • Invisible products (URL is incorrect).

    How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics
    How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics

  3. In order to start Magento SEO diagnostics, check the errors to be detected and press 'Run Diagnostics' button.

  4. How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics
    How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics

    How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics
    How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics

    You can view the processed items and check the 'Recommended action' for the products with detected issues, e.g. Fill in meta title or Fill in meta description etc.

How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics
How to Run Magento SEO DIagnostics

Store Manager for Magento brings the possibility to find errors concerning different issues simultaneously and get recommended solution for them. Performing such diagnostics at least once a month will keep you from big SEO faults and optimize your positions in search results.

In addition to SEO problems, you can analyse your products for missing or duplicated images, products not assigned to any categories etc.

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