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Case Study: Cannot Upload Images to Magento. What to Do?

It’s taken as read that having good quality Magento images for products is vital in ecommerce, because they act as strong visual element. Since your customers can't try or see what you are selling in person, having captivating photos is the thing that advertises your goods without a single word said.

To save time on other business perspectives rather than spending it on adding each picture to every single product, online merchants upload icons in bulk via import. Though, sometimes, there occurs the problem with impossibility to upload Magento product images. This case study is based on the real experience of our customer who faced issue. It was investigated by our support team and solution was found.

Hope that people who encounter the same or similar issue will know what to do thanks to this case study.

Problem Summary

The client used Store Manager for Magento to upload images to products. All of a sudden, there emerged the issue - when trying to upload photos nothing happened and the picture was not loaded.

Our Actions

In this situation we have made the following steps:

  1. Opened FTP task queue section of Store Manager.
  2. Checked for error and have seen this one - "FTP quota exceeded".
  3. Called up Preferences in Store Manager for Magento and chose the tab “FTP”.
  4. Copied from this page FTP access details and paste them to any program you use to connect to your server (this way you make sure that the same FTP user is used to connect).
  5. Tried to upload Magento image and discovered the same error message in your FTP client.


"FTP quota exceeded" error means that you have surpassed allowed limit for images upload and now there is not enough space at your FTP for your further images to be uploaded. You may delete unnecessary/temporary files/images from the server or ask your hosting provider to increase your FTP quota for user you use to connect.

To check if you have extra product images that you do not use and they are just taking space at your server, use Store Diagnostics tool of Store Manager solution.

Using it you will be able to get the list of images that are not linked to any products (thus, basically, are not used at all). You can delete them in bulk in this way vacate space at your FTP.

Store Diagnostics
Store Diagnostics

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The happy ending in this case was the following: the store owner was eventually able to upload images after clearing some unused files from the server and contacting hosting provider for increasing limit on pictures upload.

For other people who have issues with Magento product images upload, there is drawn up some best practices that should save lots on merchants from spending time, efforts and money on fixing issues with images.

Here you can read a few key things to check at the first place when you cannot upload images -


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