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Case Study: Magento Product Updates Run Slowly? Turn on the Speed!

Magento Product Updating
Magento Product Updating

Being quite a lucrative kind of activity, Magento commerce can be somewhat labour intensive. Up and running web stores, merchants encounter multifold glitches and, in order to short them out, they are looking for reliable and facile solutions. This case study is a real life-teaching story, exemplifying the significance of properly chosen solution.

Wim Bommerez, eCommerce Manager at Health XL, ran across issues when managing website content and boosted its productivity by means of efficient tool he has discovered. Wim is working at the company, selling “Superfood”, such as organic health food, raw food, natural supplements all over Europe.


What exactly challenges did Wim come across and why did it cause inconveniences? It goes without saying that product catalog demands regular updates, so that the “freshest” information will be displayed at the client side. Wim complains that he encountered inconveniences when he was updating Magento catalog, since update price, stock management, product info renewing, etc were quite lengthy processes. These procedures took long time and of course it brought down web shop management efficiency.


After we have analyzed the situation, online entrepreneurs ran into, we can assert that he needs the tool for quick and accurate catalog updating. Store Manager for Magento has been developed on purpose to accelerate data managing, make is flawless and simple.

Magento Store Manager

First of all, Store Manager Multi Editors should be mentioned. Having these utilities at disposal, Magento users can bring modifications to abundance of products at once. Multi Editors consist of Product Multi Editor and Inventory Multi Editor. Switching between Product Multi Editor tabs Magento user is able to alter required product details - proceed with Magento update price, input different product description, change meta data, etc. Inventory Multi Editor allows in the instant arrange product inventory and maintain it on sufficient level.

Products can be renewed through Magento import from the file. Thanks to Store Manager import wizard, the file, incorporating product related data, can be swiftly transferred to Magento and, as a result, necessary items will be updated just in several clicks. Magento product import from the file is an alternative way out and is time-saving as compared to manual product updates.

Important: Starting from version 1.9.x Magento requires unique image names for all the images. For the mentioned purposes, in Store Manager were added option to regenerate image name if the same already exists in the database. However, since this option checks all the folders with images at your FTP, import might take more time than expected. If you completely sure that your image names are unique you can uncheck this option to speed up the upload.
Magento import orders
Magento import orders


Our client found Store Manager solution as helpful software and chose it for storefront administrating. The testimonial, he has left, proves that Store Manager is reliable and workable solution, using which any merchant will run business in a worthwhile manner. Here is what Wim Bommerez wrote:

“Store Manager helps me perform some tasks more efficiently: the Product Multi Editor is very useful when you need to update info for products from the same group. It’s also very easy to filter products and export lists to Excel. We use that regularly as well.

And in general editing products, stock numbers, prices, .... goes a lot quicker because you don’t have to load new page every time you go to new tab, like in the Admin Panel.”

We greatly appreciate Win’s opinion and thank for these words. We hope each of online merchants who prefers Store Manager is satisfied with its functional capabilities and we constantly work towards software excellence and functional superiority.

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