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Case study: Perform Magento Bulk Product Upload

Although Magento import is quite approachable procedure if performed wisely, many online merchants often encounter difficulties when attempting to perform Magento bulk product upload. We see a huge number of inquiries about how to correctly proceed with product import from csv and append big amounts of data. One of the clients referred to us with the same question and we offered him suitable solution. Now we have one more satisfied customer. We want to increase the number of such customers in multiple times. That is why we are glad to share the experience of that client and hope that it helps to make other merchants successful and wealthy.


“I have store but with great amount of unique items. I find that it takes a remarkably large amount of my time to create such a great number of products all the time.
I’m assuming if there are some hints I’m missing, since spending 3 or 4 hours a day adding products is a real drag. Is there a more simple method than the default create product in the backend? Maybe there is a module that speeds up the process? I've Googled it, but it seems that there are only answers to different problems when I search. I do not have a technical problem, I just need a piece of advice, so I’d be really grateful for any offer.”

Thank you,

Alex, sells clothing*

*we mention only the name of client and the goods he sells because of privacy reasons


Adding the products one-by-one manually is not a solution if you have great amount of products. The changes can be brought up to your database in much more useful and convenient way if you upload them in bulk by means of Magento import procedure.

To accomplish the task you need to place all product related information into the file of .csv or .xml format and perform import from .csv or .xml, uploading new products or updating existing ones.

You can do it by means of default bulk product upload method. However, Magento itself has strict requirements to the file you are going to use for upload. You need to have all the obligatory columns with all information included. Also your column names should correspond to database names. In case you are missing some of obligatory data your import may not work at all or not all product information will be uploaded.

In case you are not sure if you have all the information listed in the file for import or do not want to mess up your information by importing the file you created, there is the solution which has more flexible system of file accepting and importing. This solution is called Store Manager for Magento. Using it all you need to have is SKU for product identification and other information which you yourself decide as necessary. No additional information is required. What is more, the process of import is much safer via Store Manager, as it can be running locally with bridge connection and only when you check the result you can synchronize with your database.

In case you are getting the file from your supplier, you can automate the task of Magento bulk product upload by scheduling file uploads using Automated Product Import addon of Store Manager. Basically, all you need to do is to set up product appending from .csv or .xml once and set the data of regular upload and the next hour, day, week or month (depending on time period which you yourself decide) the import will be done automatically.

We understand that you might want to test the solution, so there is 2-weeks free version of the application available.

Also you can send us your file and we will check it for you free of charge or assist with import for additional fee:



We received great testimonial from our client. Your success is our success either! Check what Alex thinks about offered solution:

“I didn’t expect that that software is so good. Magento Manager is a very strong and powerful tool to managing your website. My congrats to the developers - great tool!

It makes lots of work in seconds. I have over 20,000 products in my database. It's made so easy to upload new and manage my products if I want to change anything about them. It's takes too much time from admin. With Magento Manager it is like a breeze.”

Your trust and respect, our dearest customers, is the most valuable appreciation. We will keep good work to try to multiply the number of happy online merchants who are using Store Manager.

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