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Error – Skip Import Row, Required Field “…” Not Defined

Magento gives you a default means to import or export data, however the specific format of your data is required. Frequently it causes the most of issues for store owner who is uploading products.

magento skip import row
magento skip import row


One of the errors online entrepreneurs often complain about is the one saying that some of rows were skipped because information in them is not specified or invalid. To be more precise these are: “Skipping import row, required field “ ” is not defined” or “Skip import row, is not valid value "" for field " "

What exactly values are missing or incorrect? They may be different - SKU, store, website, type, attribute set etc.

Possible Reasons to Check and Fix It

Here are a few points to check to get this issue solved:

Empty column

magento skip import row
magento skip import row

Even if you are 100% sure, anyway double-check. Maybe export didn’t go correctly and some of data were dropped or your supplier didn’t include important info. Moreover, check if values in mentioned in the error fields are correct and correspond to Magento requirements. For example, SKUs should be unique and cannot be the same for several items. For type field you need to indicate to which type the product belongs - simple, configurable grouped etc; e.g. - simple (non-capitalized).

One product=One Line

Even if you have complex products with relations, in the spreadsheet you use for import each item should be in separate string with necessary information indicated.

Correct Delimiter symbol

This point is closely connected with the two mentioned above. If delimiter symbol is incorrect, your file data won’t be parsed properly and you might have broken file with all information in one column.

Headers Identical to Database Names

File header names should be the same as field names in database. This is required by Magento Admin, so in case you have ‘Product Title” column instead of ‘Name’ needed, you have to rename it, since it might not be recognized in the process of Magento import.

Please, pay attention that some of database fields names have underscore and some don’t. For instance: _attribute_set VS sku.

All Required Fields Even for Update

In case you run import just to update let’s say stock, it is not enough just to include fields with SKU and Quantity. Magento “insists” on presence of all the required fields in the file, even if they won’t be used for changes implementation. List of necessary fields are here -


UTF - 8 Without BOM

magento skip import row
magento skip import row

Finally, one of the most important points to check. Your import file should be saved with correct coding format in order for the data to be correctly recognized. UTF-8 Without BOM can be set in any spreadsheet program you are using to open files.

Hope you found solution that solves your import error. In case it remains, please comment this article and we'll try to find a solution for you and update the article.

Alternative solution

You might be interested in the way to forget about this issue in the future and avoid double-checking of the mentioned points again and again. Using Store Manager for Magento application it is possible to import file of basically any format and details included.

You will forget about “Skip import row” error once and for all if you import via Store Manager for Magento! Download Free!

Happy importing!

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